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Our Open Source Code



  • Server Source code
  • Client Source code
  • Management (Fileserver/Worldlist) Source code

2009scape is our main repo that contains everything you need to run the game. Everything is coded in Java, with SQL used for some of the database entries. There's a setup guide to get you started after you clone the repository as well, and a Discord full of people ready to help you out!

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  • Trivia
  • Mystery Box
  • Quests

Want to make a custom, mess-around server? Want to make cool customs but not break the main game? The plugin system is for you!

Most of the plugins are disabled for the live server of course, but custom servers can enable them all by simply copying the .zip files into the server folder!

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Singleplayer Edition

  • Linux + Windows Support
  • Automatic Database setup
  • No coding experience necessary

Our Singleplayer editions are offline downloads for people who just want to play 2009 Runescape by themselves.

Setting them up is easy, and you can even join our Discord for support!

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Get Involved


We're all about the community

  • Run events
  • Share the game with your friends
  • Reach out to developers

2009scape is completely free, and it works because of our awesome community. Come help out on Discord, or lone wolf it on your own! Every bit counts, and we are where we are today because of it ❤

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