Scorpion Catcher
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

There is a new quest! Scorpion Catcher is now available.

Other changes in Gielinor:

  • Added drop announcement for dragon platelegs, skirt and black mask (10)
  • Refactored bank logic

    Removed some unnecessary complexity from bank logic
    Improved handling of banking actions
    Now correctly tracks the active bank tab
  • Fixed Draynor fishing bots not interacting
  • Fixed animations and stats for an ogre
    Fixed bone club and butterfly net animations
    Fixed black halberd requirements
    Fixed stats on unobtainable corrupted pvp equipment
  • Implemented save file versioning
    Players who likely bought their crafting capes back when the hood was not obtainable will be given the complementary hood
    Unlocked Surok’s Theme for players who are eligible
    Fixed some bugs relating to the handling of edge cases for random events
    Fixed tutorial island quest completion
    Made it possible to collapse interface stones in resizable HD
  • Added the basement area of Tutorial 2 (Learning the Ropes) for the lore
  • POH room rotation now correctly updates clipping flags
  • Fixed duplicated runecrafting messages
  • Fixed issue where vodka was called wine
    Fixed drinking wine
    Fixed stealing wine in Draynor
  • Swapped kalphite guardians for soldiers in side room
  • Implemented Scorpion Catcher quest
  • Converted tanners to Kotlin
    Fixed snake hide tanning
    Fixed interaction with Canifis tanner
  • Fixed Vinesweeper exploit
    Fixed Vinesweeper server crash
  • Switching interface tabs no longer closes dialogue
  • Fixed Family Crest Chronozon Spawn issue
  • Fixed ironman mode being stuck after permadeath
  • Removed slayer tasks from NPC config file
    Fixed tutorial island text showing for level 3 skills
  • Fixed slayer task bugs

    Fixed Elvarg not counting as a green dragon
    Fixed some trolls not counting
    Fixed some ogres not counting
    Fixed some turoths not counting
    Fixed kalphite queen not counting correctly
  • Fixed bug at end of Fremennik Trials requiring 10 free inventory slots
    Fixed typos
  • Added jungle tree to the list of 1 chop trees
  • Fixed Bork/Surok instanced area music
  • Corrected ammo usable on each crossbow
  • Corrected NPC IDs for the Keldagrim carts
  • Fixed granite lobster foraging
  • Corrected music varps, fixes some music unlocks
  • Fixed all fired up quest log
  • Refactored the Player Safety Stronghold
  • Fixed an off-by-one error that made cooking brawlers unobtainable
    Reworked the ::npc admin command to take an optional amount argument. Usage: ::npc id [amount] [shouldWalk]
    Summoning points now no longer regenerate automatically
    Rewrote the ring of life
    Reverting a slayer ring to an enchanted gem no longer destroys the item if inventory is full
    The inauthentic mounted glory in a POH now respects teleblock
    Fixed revenents infinite healing
    Winkins’ farm exit message is now split correctly
    Added egg spawn in front of the chicken shrine in Zanaris and added its authentic use handler to the shrine
  • Rewrote grappling, fixes Yanille south shortcut, Catherby skill check and requirements text getting cut off
  • Refactored Seer NPC
  • Red feedback text is now used when issued commands are invalid
    Yellow feedback text is now used when legacy commands are issued
  • Improved handling of achievement diary rewards
  • Fixed issue where eggs would occasionally spawn out-of-bounds
    Added admin command to test egg spawning ::eggspawntest