Our Staff Team


The Founder


  Red Bracket is the founder of 2009scape. He is officially retired and the community is led by the group of admins underneath. Unlike Jagex with Andrew Gower, Bracket is always welcome in the community and isn't casted out. He did his part and now he has chosen to work on his own projects moving forward.

The Admins

The Core Members of 2009scape. Either have been around the longest or they have gained a per say for how much they have put into the Project.


  Ceikry is the lead developer and Admin of 2009scape. He has been around since late 2019 and has put well over 3000 hours into this project over the span of 2 years. At one point this was a full 8-12 hour day job until he took a break and came back in early 2022 after a month cool down. He is no longer sysadmin for his own mental health but still respected as the top. He has put the most work into the project.


Ryan has been with the community for awhile. You may know him as the guy linked to the joke about Barbarian Assault. Despite all the jokes people may or may not have with him he still holds a position to be respected. He is acting Community manager and sysadmin as of January of 2022. If you have any concerns with player files he would be the one to go to.


  Up until April of 2022, Woah has been the host of 2009scape behind the scenes. He was running the magic behind his home server until he could no longer host. One of the most respected members and high ranking players as of 2022 and continues to work behind the scenes. He is a client developer and the official cache editor. If you ever see him please pay your thanks for the hosting he has provided over the years. We love you woah!

The Developers


Kermit is the Event Planner for 2009scape. As of April 2022, he became the new volunteer host which alone is an amazing thing to contribute. But he's not known for his hoppin parties or hosting. He is known for his bots. The Pest control bots was the first big project that Kermit worked on under the guidance of Ceikry. After the 200 hour Pest Control project he began work on Adventure bots. He also made the fishing bots found at the Fishing Guild. Make sure you say hi from time to time! he is super friendly.


Downthecrop is a Youtuber/Twitch streamer that fell upon this project one day while leaving a closed source 06 server. He was able to edit the stats and quest stages of his sp 09 character and started a series from there ( channel is downthecrop2 ). He then decided since he knew some programming that he would take a crack at fixing bugs he ran into. Later realizing that we have a promise to give save files he jumped over to live. He has contributed to both the Server and Website ( Drop table tool and Automation ) and latest making a mobile client that can be found on the home page. Make sure to tell him hi he's super nice!



Leclerc is the discord & moderator of 2009scape. He came over from OpenRSC to play some good ol RS2. He is super friendly and is willing to go the extra mile to help you out. If you need any help ingame like advice or what is what he is the one to go talk to.

Retired Developers


He is an ex developer that slowly moved out of the role when we separated from 06rebotted's discord into our own. He has done some work but mainly with the discord bots. If you would like to say hi he wouldn't mind.


Dan was given Developer role for the massive amount of client updates. He has his own project going OpenNXT, but mainly works on his minecraft server that he does for a living.

Keep in mind that our staff team are all volunteer and are not paid for their customer service. Rule #2 of our server is to not disrespect any staff member. While it's not severe for instant ban it is bannable if continued over and over. We're here to build an amazing server and help anyone with any questions they may have of our server. Do not ping a developer unless you are unable to login Thanks Staff Team