Our Staff Team


Ceikry other otherwise known as Celery is the lead developer of 2009scape. Some may say he has a temper or is overly blunt. Despite these opinions he cares deeply for this project and so much so that he spent 10 hour days for majority of days in 2020. He has made the most contributions out of everyone on the server so make sure you tell him how much you appreciate his work!

Red Bracket, The founder of 2009scape. Unlike Ceikry, the other owner of this project is quiet and may at times seem distant but all it takes is you pinging him and he'll come with a smile on his face. Sometimes known as the nicest developer on our team he is sometimes being too nice.

The behind the scenes guy that makes the show happen. Woah is our Host of 2009scape, many people do not realize that one of our own member's hosts this out of the kindenss of his heart. He has also put a ton of work into the project. While you won't find him in discord you can find him ingame with his super friendly self. Stop by and say hi to him it'll make his day!

One of the newest developers to the team. Kermit worked his way from a tadpole to a King frog inside of our server. He will be hosting every single official event and helping decide what our server's holidays will look like. Super friendly but also very protective over our pond and isn't afraid to say something. Also check out the bots he has made for our server and the funny things they say.

The Website developer who is in control of the website's design and content. Summer, is the passionate staff member that makes sure everyone is aware of her existance while joining the server. Very quick to defend the rules and sometimes can come off as a tad mean as well. Overall Summer cares very deeply about the project and what the future has to bring.

Mico is a moderator for 2009scape both in the discord and in-game. They are here to make sure that the rules are kept and are in control of the credis for voting. Mico is a very caring person but also are very capable of making the hard decisions when it comes to moderation. If you see them online make sure to say hi!


He was the person chosen to help organize our discord and keep it clean. He is also chosen as a moderator to make sure that the rules are met. He is a nice guy who also plays a ton! Make sure to say hi to him.

An ex developer who was here in the very early stages and has stuck around in the discord this entire time just to check on how the server is going. He is being added to the list out of respect for some of the bot work he did in the beginning

The developer who isn't a full developer. Dan got this rank for doing a ton of client clean up work. I am adding him to this page out of respect of what he has contributed.

Keep in mind that our staff team are all volunteer and are not paid for their customer service. Rule #2 of our server is to not disrespect any staff member. While it's not severe for instant ban it is bannable if continued over and over. We're here to build an amazing server and help anyone with any questions they may have of our server. Do not ping a developer unless you are unable to login Thanks Staff Team