About 2009scape

Every website should have an about section and while this is pretty straight forward of an idea of what we are about we will go into detail about what are future goals are and our past that got us to this point.

What is 2009scape?

2009scape is an unofficial remake of the 2009 era of RS that is usually forgotten. We are aiming towards a full remake of 100% completion which let people relive the RS2HD days once again. A non profit group that is trying something different in the open source community. In the past we have dealt with people both trying to sell the source or exploit bugs in the code for gains in the game. The last mass ban of these exploiters took over 100 million out of the economy. However, with this happening our core is open source while our content is closed source.

History of 2009scape

The 2009Scape you see today has gone through a magnitude of changes. Originally starting its life as Arios498, this server saw a lot of people playing it daily, unfortunately, it was for profit and closed source. It was later upgraded to Arios530, targeting the build 530 of runescape with content in and around January 1st, 2009. Development came to a halt when a developer of the closed source project released the source code. The original developers of this server went on to create Kratos 530 back in 2015. This project was started out of love for the 530 revision. A small group of developers spent hundreds of hours improving on the existing source that was left to the curb. Over the past year, this project has seen many developers coming and going, fixing bugs that they find either through their own server, or bugs that they find in the live game that is currently hosted.

2009scape as of 2021

As of June 2021, we have decided to split the two games entirely between Legacy and Preservation. Legacy is the base we had started on and was at one point known as World 2. The Legacy world 1 was deleted on request of the World 1 players for the making of the Preservation server. The Preservation server was at one point the v2.009 that was going to replace both worlds but we had decided to keep the legacy code base open source and just make on Preservation world that stayed true to the era of 2009 no matter how rediculous Jagex's decision were like free trade limits and no wilderness. This is like the name sounds to Preserve the era as a historical server based on the 578 revision December 22, 2009. Legacy will more than likely get updated to the 531 revision for Soul wars but will not be be upgrading to 578. As of August 2021, Legacy is the only server that is being hosted and is currently being worked on by our developers and contributors of the community. Stop by and say hi! and make sure to read our getting started page for Legacy found here.