Our Credit system is our reward system for contributing towards the project in various ways. You must not confuse it with a donation system that another server may have. It's our way of saying thank you for your contributions and an incentive to continue by turning them into a currency to buy the holiday rares that everyone loves.

Testing Content

With our new test server, we are able to test content on a server to make sure bugs do not enter the realm of the live server. We can but do not want to do this alone and would love the help! But don't worry, there is something in it for you. Credits! Keep in mind that credits will only be awarded to people who thoroughly test the content and provide detailed reports on them. You must claim credits for your testing efforts on this forum thread.

If you test smaller things like bug fixes there is a 2 credit reward.
If you test full quests or minigames you will be rewarded 5 credits.
If you find a bug in the content you are testing that hasn't already been found you will earn an extra credit.

Super Easy! Get to testing!

JSON Contributions

If you are wanting to contribute the smaller easy but yet super imporant stuff look no further than the Json side. What can you contribute through Json you may ask? There are examines, npc stats, npc drops, item drops, and even item spawns you can fill out. Check out our Thanos Tool in order to get started. It's a fill-in-the-blank tool that does just that. Make sure that the Information is authentic to the 2009 era.

Click on the Thanos Tool to be redirected to the Gitlab page.

Quest Dialogue

The 2008/2009 era of RS was a long while ago; however, some youtubers will have quite a bit of video guides in which you are to pull dialogue from. You can use OSRS as a last alternative if not found elsewhere for secondary options. I must advise against using it as your first choice as OSRS has quite a bit of undocumented changes. We know that writing dialogue is tedious and for this the reward is 10 credits per dialogue file written. If you are unsure where to start, check out the #dev channel on Discord. If you are a Matrix user, you can check with the Dev Channel.

Hall of Fame

2009scape is a free to play game allowing players to take their time leveling their player's stats. What is the fun of multiplayer if there isn't a little bit of competition? Hall of fame or HoF for short, is a contest to see who will reach the first to a 99 in a skill. There is no reason to panic, there is a HoF for every xp rate and ironman status. In order to claim a HoF spot, you must post inside of this forum thread. The first to claim the 99 in the following categories is the one who receives the credits and fame.

  • x1 xp rate: 200 credits
  • x2.5 xp rate: 100 credits
  • x5 xp rate: 40 credits
  • x10 xp rate: 20 credits ( For Permadeath Ironmen only )


To keep Community events alive we spark it up with some credits for attending. If you attend the event and participate you get a total of 2 points even if you lose! Kermit, our event manager, gets to give out more credits to the winners of an official event. Once a week a player is able to make an unofficial event and get 5 credits for hosting their own. It must be approved in order to get credits.


Voting is no longer a valid method for obtaining credits since July 2022. To quote the admin of 2009scape server from 2009scape Discord announcement:

"We as a collective team came to the conclusion of disabling voting altogether. It hardly pulls in new users and is just a tedious system when not kept up with. [...] Rares hold a lot of value for contributing and we really need more testers for 2009scape. The test server is a click away and all you have to do is test new content and write a report on what you've found during your testing and you get 5 credits. We have new content to test all the time, so there's an incentive for both devs and players to make more MRs and test them to get them pushed."

Having said that, it's worth remembering that testing and data contributions are not only the best ways to earn credits, they are much needed by the 2009scape project to bring it closer to the authentic archive of the golden era of Runescape.

Further Help
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