Rules of 2009scape

We have a simple set of rules. Before you get started, please read the following. We hope you enjoy your stay.

1. Treat everyone in the community with respect.

Disrespecting or harassing anybody in 2009Scape or its respective discord server is not tolerated. You may be kicked or banned.

2. Requests for assistance must go via the Discord server.

Do not message staff directly unless it is an emergency or you are reporting another user. If you have any questions, be sure to check the FAQ first, common issues can be quickly resolved with the information provided. There are dedicated channels for receiving support in the Discord server. Support is also accessible via matrix if desired.

3. Exploitation of bugs is strictly prohibited.

If you happen to find a bug, report it here. Exploitation of bugs will result in account deletion. We take this matter very seriously to maintain server integrity and maintain fair play environment.

4. Bots and macros are strictly prohibited.

Apart from our carefully controlled adventure bots that you'll see around the place, botting is strictly prohibited on the server. Bot, macro and autoclicker use will result in a ban.

5. No soliciting closed source RSPS (or other related projects).

We do not support any closed source RSPS. Do not mention them here. Do not recruit. Likewise, do not ask for paid services and do not ask to donate; this is a fair and free server.

Activity in 2009scape is monitored for violations of these rules. Severe violations may result in IP ban and account deletion.