Rules of 2009scape

This is the way

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated. No, this does not mean if someone else treats you poorly that you get to treat them poorly. Childish behavior like this won't be tolerated.
  2. Disrespect towards developers, moderators, and admins won't be tolerated. If you have an issue, that's fine, and you are welcome to bring it up so long as you conduct yourself reasonably.
  3. If you are trying to set up or run your own server you are COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY on your own. This Discord is not the place to ask for help on that, this Discord is solely for supporting the players of the live server and singleplayer, and as a place for the community to chat and discuss things. DO NOT ask for help with setting up your own server here and DO NOT PM or ping any developer or member of staff in regards to this. IF you are interested in contributing then PM an Admin
  4. Duplication or otherwise exploiting bugs is completely bannable on first offense. Bugs and dupes should be reported, not exploited. You will not receive any mercy for this. Your accounts will be deleted and your IP will be blacklisted.
  5. Botting on any account without using the built-in server side bot system or informing a staff member which account you are botting on will result in all of your accounts being deleted. This is also a zero-tolerance rule, same as before. First offense will be the last. Autoclickers and macros will also qualify as botting from now on out. Yes, we have ways to detect and flag your account for this automatically.

Fail to follow these rules

  1. First Offense: Verbal Warning.
  2. Second Offense: You will be kicked from our community.
  3. Three-strikes-you're-out : You will be I.P Banned.