The Tributes

The Tributes

Unlike the hunger games we love to celebrate our tributes not have them kill each other. Even though that would be fantastic content idea. In order to become a contributor you need to … Contribute! Our Legacy is open source so you are able to contribute as mentioned in the Credit System page. They have saved the developers countless of hours of work making sure we get closer to where we need to be.

We have been looking at more ways to celebrate them in general to encourage more people to contribute more often. I mean it’s okay if you honestly can not in anyways but the staff are more than willing to help you learn in order to save us time.

Why should you contribute if you aren’t guarenteed staff?

Staff is not based off of how much you contribute. It’s based off a few characteristics we personally look for. Unlike staff, you can not lose your contributor title. Even when staff are “terminated” we give them a contributor symbol to show our appreciation for their work.

You get a unique role on the discord

While this doesn’t matter to everyone this does matter to some. It shows recognition by putting you in your own category. There aren’t any special abilities other than a unique color of your name.

This will not be useful for Matrix users and I’m sorry. Do note that you are recognized for your efforts and this page is for you!

You get them credits

Did you know that contributing gets you money?? Wait.. not real cash but it does give you credits inside of the game. You will notice that you will start getting in-game credits for your efforts of json.

First choice at things

When it comes to voting for polls, testing new content before others or even learning about upcoming events you are more likely to be picked for this since you have taken the time to help us out.

You get a clan chat badge

The clan chat badge goes up over time as you contribute more and more. It does not do anything in-game it just shows that you have contributed towards the project. Currently in the process of getting back in the groove of things so this will come in time but you will not be forgotten!

More will be added to this page over time including names or perks. Thank you for all of the contributions everyone! You guys rock!

Our list of thanks:

  • Ryannathans
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Evspra (Qmqz)
  • Logg
  • Alex
  • Afaroutdude
  • Michael Carrot
  • Qweqker
  • Aweinstock
  • Downthecrop
  • Phunny
  • Pyrr
  • Cp49
  • Vk91
  • Daniella
  • Regenleif
  • Pazaz
  • Kennynes
  • Cory
  • Spoofessor
  • Bushtail