Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions for our developers. Do make sure that you read all of these before asking in the discord.

The launcher has stopped downloading at 99%. How do I fix this?

Delete your 2009scape.jar file, along with the cache folder (called .runite_rs) located in your home directory, then re-download 2009Scape and try again. This will usually resolve the issue. If the problem persists, some very specific Windows configurations may require Java 14. The cache folder is located at C:\Users\You\.runite_rs on Windows and /home/you/.runite_rs on Linux.

Why am I getting an error loading profile?

If this happens, ping Ceikry and tell him it's an emergency. Please remember that this is only for the 2009Scape live server. If you get an error on your own server with the 2009Scape source, you are on your own as we do not offer support for other servers.

Why can't I speak in clan chat?

This is a known issue with an easy fix - simply follow step 1 of any troubleshooting process. Turn it off & on again. In this case, leave the clan chat, and rejoin. This should resolve the issue and you'll be able to speak in clan chat again.

How frequently can I change my XP rate?

XP rates may only be changed once per account, and must be done when the account is new. To select your preferred XP rate, talk to Hans in Lumbridge (found in the basement upon logging in for the first time, or in the Lumbridge Castle's courtyard afterward).

Will you add ______ custom client feature?

No. Client plugins are not a priority for 2009Scape at this time. The focus of the development team is first & foremost getting as much original content from 2009 into the game accurately & working reliably for an authentic 2009 era experience.

Will you add ______ feature from Old School RuneScape?

Like with custom client features - no. OSRS content will not be added to 2009Scape. The focus of the development team is getting as much original content from 2009 into the game accurately & working reliably for an authentic 2009 era experience.

Why is Barrows lagging?

Believe it or not, this is actually an authentic bug with the client from 2009. Jagex's HD client was not good at handling some of the Barrows elements until a later client revision. Playing with the Standard Detail graphical setting will remove this lag.

Why can't I enable High Detail in macOS?

Unfortunately, High Detail is not supported in macOS. This is a.webp"lt of Apple's multiple architecture transitions. At the time the original client was released, it was built for the PowerPC architecture, which Apple transitioned away from with their move to Intel (and now again with Apple Silicon). Because of this, HD will run on PowerPC Macs, but the client will not work on modern Intel/Apple Silicon versions of macOS or Mac OS X.

Why are some textures glitching/disappearing in High Detail?

This is an issue experienced by some players who are using Win.webp"systems with AMD graphics. The issue lies not within the game client, but is a problem with OpenGL in Windows. High Detail will typically work flawlessly on the same hardware when run through a Linux distribution instead of Windows.

Why am I leveling up when the client shows I am still 1 XP away?

Nothing to worry about - this is simply a mismatch between the way the server & game client round up numbers. You can continue playing as normal and your XP / levels should fix themselves as you continue skilling.

Can you spawn in ______ item for me? I'll pay you!

No. We will not spawn items in-game for any players. This is crucial to maintaining a dedicated community - players work hard for their items! Spawning items for a player lessens the achievements of those who properly obtained them. Consider playing on a higher XP rate in World 2 and earning the items yourself!

Are there bots on the server?

Yes, server-sided bots are currently deployed in 2009Scape. You'll see these bots around the world skilling & making offers on the Grand Exchange. The bots help meet player demand in the GE, and add life to areas without online players. Additionally, it's true to 2009 - seeing bots around was definitely a part of the RuneScape experience at the time!

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