Easter Event
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

Some eggs have been spotted around Gielinor…

  • Eggs will spawn in a random town every 30 minutes
  • Eggs will randomly appear whilst gaining XP
  • Stomp/release eggs to discover the hidden loot inside
  • The 5th egg broken will unlock an Easter music track
  • The 10th egg broken will unlock the bunny Easter emote
  • The 15th egg broken will drop a new black variant of bunny ears
  • Every 5 eggs thereafter will reward the player with music tracks or random loot
  • This event will run for the duration of April

Happy hunting!

As always, full list of changes as follows:

  • Added Padulah dialogue
  • Fixed some construction hotspots for south-facing rooms
  • Added ::permadeath [player] admin command to wipe a player’s save
    Fixed some HCIM death bugs where state was not cleared
  • Implemented thieving candles on Entrana
  • Better handling of full inventories

    Made it possible to alch when inventory is full with non-coin items, if the alch would free up the necessary space
    Made it possible to receive a kitten from Gertrude when inventory is full, if the transaction would free the space for the kitten
    Made it possible to receive a kitten from Gertrude when inventory is full even with more than 100 gp, if the pet can be summoned immediately
    Gertrude’s Quest completion - fixed bug causing loss of kitten with full inventory
    Fixed a bug where Gertrude’s kitten-giving dialogue will hang if spoken to while having a non-pet familiar out
    Fixed typos
  • Fixed possible softlock at Evil Bob event
  • Replaced player name with player username in the Digsite examination certificates
    Fixed some typos in the Grand Tree quest dialogue
    Replaced unicode with ascii in the Grand Tree quest & Plague City quest
  • In non-building mode, construction objects that have not been built now no longer leave behind clipping flags
    Added command ::drawclipping to visualize construction clipping flags
  • 2024 Easter Event

    Added Easter event
    Refactored event code
    Added support for forced-global ground items
  • Fixed Nettle Tea wrong return item
    Fixed Yak Hide crafting swapped items
    Fixed mining bot dropped ore ironman restrictions
    Fixed Ardy teleport tab requirements
    Fixed Alice’s husband not requiring ghostspeak
    Fixed Fishing Trawler stuck on boat bug
    Fixed POH debug region info showing in non-debug mode
  • Added missing Master Crafter dialogue
  • Glass making now returns the correct type of bucket
  • Reformatted JSON config for migration to Zaros tool
  • Smithing interface fixes

    Now handles blurite correctly
    Updated title
    Fixed bullseye lanterns
    Fixed bronze wire
    Fixed glass lantern