Sweeping it under the vines


  It has been quite a long while since our last update! But I am happy to say that we are back at it again with a brand new update! And.... I am a tad late on this Update Post! My deepest apologies.

  This update would not be possible without the contributors in our community. It's honestly an amazing sight to see when open source community comes together to release a bunch of content and fixes! I just want to give a huge shout out to our contributors these last couple of weeks. Fractals, Downthecrop, Tibmage, James T, and Crash! It's so nice to see everyone coming together and knocking down some content.

  Time has run out for x20 & x10 accounts and the accounts will be squished. I hope everyone got the stats they wanted before being squished down to the x5 xp rate. We gave about two months to prepare so there really is not any excuse that you were not given enough time. If you would like to learn more about it check here.


  I wanted to start this update post strong with the newest big addition to our game. Vinesweeper is a Farming and Hunter minigame that acts a lot like the old computer game Minesweeper. It takes place on Winkin's farm which can be accessed by talking to any Tool Leprechaun near farm patches. Check out this video on how the minigame works!

Farming Improvements

  • Uncomposted patches no longer get lives incremented as if composted.
  • Evil Turnips no long yield an infinite amount.
  • Troll Stronghold Herb patch is now disease free.
  • Teclyn (the elf near the Lletya fruit tree patch) now functions as a tool leprechaun.
  • Compost and supercompost now properly affect minimum herb yield.
  • Troll stronghold herb patch is now disease-free.
  • Mushroom patch west of Canifis now allows growing bittercap mushrooms.
  • White lillies now grant protection to allotments.
  • Digging up dead patches no longer generates weeds.


  • Improved authenticity of the Canoe travel method
  • It's now possible to churn cream/butter into the subsequent stages
  • Churning milk with a full inventory drops the buckets
  • Implemented Fire, Frost, and Moss Titan summong scrolls.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the string jewelry spell that caused disproportionate XP gain
  • Fixed a potential exploit with certain consumables
  • Fixed Merlin's Crystal QL bug
  • Ectofuntus filling pot with bonemeal facing direction
  • Fixed null dereference in bunyip special (the cooking map is keyed by raw food, not cooked food).
  • Superglass Make now has a 30% chance of yielding 2 molten glass.
  • Fixed xp of multitarget attacks (like chinchompas, dragon claw/halberd spec) and fix chinchompa attack pattern (square instead of plus)
  • Fixed broad bolts on turroths and kurasks
  • Pitfall NPCs use the proper machinery for being not
  • attackable (so aviansies are no longer meleeable).
  • Ironman fix where loot drop checks only check for other players not npcs.
  • Add protect from summoning and antifire/antipoison 30 second ticking sounds
  • Lighting sapphire lanterns requires filling them with lamp oil first
  • Added lava titan teleport to lava maze.
  • Give the correct amount of mind runes when purchasing 250 slayer dart casts
  • Zanaris fairy fountains now work as a water source
  • The price of recharging bows/shields decreases by 180k per recharge, to a minimum of 180k.
  • The price of a new bow/shield is always 900k.
  • Elven teleport crystals similarly decrease from 750 to 150 by 150, using a separate recharge counter.
  • Eluned doesn't sell additional teleport crystals, only recharges them.
  • Removed custom functionality from teleport crystals that allowed teleporting into unallocated instances.
  • This commit allows players to theive from the Ardougne spice stall as they should be able to including the correct theiving experience ( 81xp)
  • This commit fixes an issue where the DumpContainer dialogue hangs when a player attempts to deposit their inventory or equipped items when they do not have any items in their inventory or are not wearing any items.
  • Add proper sound effect for running out of prayer, and clear the overhead icon when that happens.
  • Fix sound effects for bind/snare/entangle, and also the essence mine teleport
  • Fixed some clue scroll drops
  • Pest control improvement
  • Fixed Waterfall quest typo.