A fair start part 2


Hey guys! It has been two weeks since our last update but worry not! I made an announcement in discord and matrix talking about doing a lot of backend work last week. These next few weeks will be an interesting few with our community preparing for the next announcement that I will quote underneath.

This has not been decided without some serious thought and feedback from very respected members of the community and of the project. Over the next couple of months, some big changes are coming to the XP rates we offer. I do want to preface this with the fact that this is not a wipe. See the details below:

All 10x and 20x accounts will have their experience squashed down to the 5x equivalent in 2 months' time. (10/4/2021)
Squished accounts will not be eligible for the hall of fame.
Squished accounts will be eligible to compete on the highscores.
Squished accounts will keep all items and quests.

Why are we making this change?

I, along with several other members of the community and staff, feel that these extremely high XP rates are ultimately harmful to the community and the game. My observations over the last few months have confirmed this. There is a general correlation between higher xp rates sticking around for the least amount of time. In other words, people who play on these very high rates tend to leave after a very short amount of time, usually because they accomplish all the goals they set for themselves relatively easily. For this reason, along with an imbalance in who can take hold of the resource market based on how quickly they can level and gather those resources, has brought us to the conclusion that removing these absurdly high rates is in the best interest of the game. We have thought long and hard about what the best approach to this problem would be, and this is what we have come up with. It is my hope that 2 months will be more than adequate for people to get their accounts into a position where they will not be harmed nearly as much by the squash of the XP, and I also hope it will allow many to keep their 99s. My interests always lie with what I believe is best for the long term health of the project.

I genuinely and deeply appreciate all of you and I hope I was able to reach an agreeable solution to this problem.


This change is going to make some differences within our community and while I know some people will decide to leave in the future this will help our economy thrive. As well as people will tend to stick around longer since it's take them 4 times as long to do what they would have done with the ridiculous xp rates. It was a mistake on our part to release such high experience rates We are a remake that wants to fill the gap between osrs and rs3 while adding our twists from time to time. Unlike Jagex's Runescape, your player saves will always be yours you just have to ask for them. We will make sure you will always have a forever home with 2009scape so stick around and watch us progress!

New Staff Member

On a more positive note, I would like to introduce our newest staff member Mico, they will be both our discord and ingame moderator that will make sure that all the rules are kept and answer questions that us developers are frankly just exhausted answering over and over again. Hoping this exhaustion does not carry on to them but please show the same respect you do for our other staff since they will not go out of their way to make your playing experience terrible. Mico's job is to make sure that the game is fair for everyone. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask Mico, and they will respond to you once they are able to.

Launcher Updates

Two weeks ago I had told myself to add a section to the update post that talked about our newest launcher. The previous update from two weeks ago the launcher got a brand new settings menu. The menu allowed for options which you could previously do editing the config file this just gives you a pretty gui to do it which in the end makes it more user friendly.

First, you have the menu for debug settings
  • Toggle Item I.ds
  • Toggle Npc I.ds
  • Toggle Object I.ds
This may not seem super important but when making a bug report information about the object, npc, or item that is not working saying the i.d will shed time off the developer's hand trying to figure out which you are referring to.

Second, you have the right click settings.
  • Toggle Rs3-Style menu border
  • Change right-click background color
  • Change right-click background opacity
  • Change right-click title bar color
  • Change right-click title bar font color
  • Change right-click title bar opacity
  • Change right-click border color
  • Change right-click border opacity
Misc settings
  • Change the Login theme music
  • Toggle xp drops
  • Change the xp drop mode
  • Change the track mode for xp
  • Toggle slayer tracker
  • Change the slayer tracker color
  • Change the slayer tracker opacity
Now we have this week's launcher Updates
  • Added settings tab for launcher itself
  • Can toggle launcher closing on client start
  • Can no longer edit the changelog text area
  • Added a toggable automatic check for launcher updates
  • Improved some visuals
Quest #36 This was an unexpected turn of events for this week for me at least. This week our Lead developer has casually been working on the Nature Spirit quest and has completed it! We now have our 36th quest so for the people who have your quest capes. You better pack your bags and go off on a quest!

Bug Fixes
  • The graphical glitch when offering bones to an altar was fixed.
  • Changed Bork to use the daily reset instead of resetting after 24 hours.
  • The ability to create new 10x and 20x accounts was removed today.
  • Corrected combat level formula
  • Removed random message when talking to Simon Templeton. Presumably was used for debugging purposes when adding the authentic Sceptre dialogue.
  • Fixed potential bug with boostable stats
  • Fixed an exploit related to farming
  • Made penguin spying infallible
  • Fixed potential exploit with the bonegrinder
  • Improved MS security
  • Fixed a bug with slayer
  • Fixed bug with osman's dialogue
  • Fixed issue where tree spirit wouldn't spawn if your combat level was >100 due to index out of range exception.
  • Converted Wizard's Guild code to use ContentAPI.
  • Removed space causing parser error when running the server locally.
  • Slight change to allow boosts to be used to enter the wizard's guild in Yanille.
  • Rats can now correctly count as Rat slayer monsters for tasks
  • Bloodveld respawn delay corrected
  • Shade robe top and Shade robe bottom are now correctly obtainable, as a low% drop from Shades in the Stronghold of Security
  • Shades now correctly count as Shade slayer monsters for the Shade Task
  • Poisoning items without free inventory space should no longer nuke the product from existence
Lets Examine this & Source-Sided
  • Updated Turoth spawns in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and The Chaos Tunnels.
  • Added and updated Turoth stats and examines.
  • Coins ID renamed to items constant.
  • Removed examine length is exactly 255 check.
  • Added a check to see if it was a noted item examined and return the specific string constant.
  • All pizzas, and half-eaten pizzas now have corrected examine text
  • Burnt pizza corrected examine text
  • Cooked slimy eel is now correctly droppable (why the hell did it have a destroy option in the first place?)
  • All crayfish (burnt, raw, cooked) and the Crayfish cage now correctly tradeable and droppable
  • All crayfish (incl Crayfish Cage) now have correct examine text
  • All Damaged God Books (Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak) now have correct examine text
  • All pies (incl. partly-made Mud/Fish/Wild/Admiral/Garden/Summer pies, Burnt pie and noted pies) have correct examine text
  • All Ahrim's equipment corrected examine text.
  • All Dharok's equipment corrected examine text.
  • All Guthan's equipment corrected examine text.
  • All Karil's equipment corrected examine text.
  • All Torag's equipment corrected examine text.
  • All Verac's equipment corrected examine text.
  • Most object examines in Port Sarim have been accounted for and added
  • Stuffed Swordfish, Shelf, Barrel, Fish Barrel, Large Table, Crate, Crate (stacked), Plant, Clock, Chest, Small Table, Counter, two Ladders, three Crates, Painting (Landscape), Drawers, Chair, Bookcase, Bed, Dresser, Range, Candles, Cabinet, Axe Cabinet, Staircase, Charms and Mirror objects located within Port Sarim now have the proper examine text added
  • Draynor Seed Market shop name correction
  • Rats now have corrected stats, attack speed and bonuses (should no longer be able to hit players at all, like they do authentically
  • Rats now correctly respawn at a high rate
  • Shade stats corrected
  • Shade NPCs repopulated where they should be inside the Lv4 Stronghold of Security
  • Small typo correction to a string printed when cooking with an iron spit (StandardCookingPulse.java)
Cooking overhaul
  • Removed stinky OSRS Dark Crab from the CookableItems.java
  • Can now correctly cook Crayfish
  • Can now correctly consume Cooked Crayfish for 2HP.
  • Can now correctly cook Mud pies
  • Correct burn levels for Shrimp, Crayfish, Karambwanji, Salmon, Tuna, Cave Eel, Bass, Karambwan, Chicken, Ugthanki Meat, Rabbit, Crab Meat, Thin Snail, Lean Snail, Fat Snail, Bread, Cake, Beef, Rat Meat, Yak Meat, Bear Meat, Plain Pizza, Cooked Chompy, Roast Bird, Roast Rabbit, Redberry Pie, Meat Pie, Mud Pie, Apple Pie, Garden Pie, Fish Pie, Admiral Pie, Scrambled Egg, Fried Onions, Fried Mushrooms
  • Cooking Shrimp EXP corrected from 45 EXP -> 30 EXP
  • Cooking Salmon EXP corrected from 58 EXP -> 90 EXP
  • Cooking Karambwan EXP corrected from 80 -> 190 EXP
  • Cooking Roast Beast meat EXP corrected from 82 EXP -> 99 EXP
  • Cooking Roast Rabbit EXP corrected from 70 EXP -> 72 EXP
  • Cooking Fried Mushrooms EXP corrected from 120 EXP -> 60 EXP
  • Dwarven rock cake now has correct, authentic text when trying to consume it!