Archived Post -The April update


Okay, what an Easter! We had a few people get the cute Easter emote from turning in eggs and the easter egg hunts were super fun to attend! Sadly, people found a small bug where you can find an infinite amount of eggs and one of the rewards being credits from turning in eggs this caused the Easter event to be shut down early. With this we also had an unplanned early release of an update.

Also the beginning of the 2.009 progress has started which is our new core being coded from scratch. The progress will be worked on for the next couple months before any real news will start being released. The first bit of content will be the f2p content and getting that completed. But worry not there is a way to keep track of the progress thanks to the new member to the bot team, Zanik! Zanik comes in with a cute command *2.009 that allows you to check the progress of the new core.

I will say from now on these pages may slow down a bit but all updates will end up on the website as promised! I worry that discord will be that one place that a lot of us may avoid one day and it would just be nice to be able to have another place to see all upcoming updates!

Lletya Expansion
  • Added Food store and missing NPC.
  • Added Archery Shop and missing NPC.
  • Added General store and missing NPC.
Shilo Villages Fixes
  • Fixed some shops' stocks.
  • Added fishing shop.
  • Fixed fishing spots.
Farming Fixes
  • Added Garth to payable farmers for fruit trees.
  • Added Gileth to payable farmers for fruit trees.
  • Added Amaethwr to payable farmers for fruit trees.
Hunter Fixes
  • Added Cerluean twitch birds to both spots.
  • Added Golden Warbler birds to both spots.
  • Added Crimson Swift birds to both spots.
Thieving Fixes
  • Fixed 3 npcs that were unable to be pickpocketed.
Fishing Fixes
  • Added and fixed East wilderness fishing spots.
  • Fixed a lot of fishing spots that were too far away.
  • Fixed some incorrect fishing spots.
General Fixes:
  • 10 Tokens are taken upon entering Cyclops' room.
  • Added Varrock Guard Spawns.
  • Added a 1 dose Super Anti-Poison near the observatory in a collapsed building.
  • Fixed Waterskings weighing way too much, now are authentic .1kg.
  • Added Iron Bar spawn in level 18 wilderness.
  • Fixed EVERY potions examine text.
  • Removed spam 4 dose prayer potion drops from a table.
  • Fixed examines of Amulet of Glory 0/1/2/3/4
  • Fixed Varrock Guard Drop tables.
  • Fixed News: Logs being sold spam.
  • Cave Crawlers are now poisonous.
  • Fixed both stairs leading to the white snow kebbits.
  • Massive tweaks to adventure bots.
  • Removed random bird spawns from the world. #arios
  • Corrected stats and requirementsfor PVP equipment.
  • Crystal Bow & Shield have had their requirements fixed.
  • Lunar staff and armour now have proper requirements.
  • Tyras Guards now actually have stats.
  • Fixed requirements to equip dragon'hai armour.
  • Fixed crafting requirement to craft Dramen Staff.
  • Fixed runecrafting requirement to make infused wand.
  • Removed Caleb from Gertrude's property.