Zanik - Beloved Discord Bot

Meet Zanik, our beloved discord bot written by Ceikry in Rust. The bot isn’t to replace the 2009scape bot but to add even more functionality to the discord! With Zanik, you are able to use a few commands that will liven up your experience within discord and even more will be added in time.

Normal Discord member commands

  • ::level: Allows you to check your level in discord of your discord account. The levels are gained from just having conversation and Zanik will keep track of your message total!
  • ::top: Will show you the top 10 people who have left messages within the discord.
  • ::wiki name: Will bring up the page for the specific thing but in 2009. Example: ::wiki potato , will bring up the 2009 page on RS Wiki for Potato.
  • ::goblify: It will randomly generate a goblin name for you like the land of goblin’s quest. ( Currently on June 3rd 2022, command is not working. )

Staff commands

  • ::clear # : clears however messages you have specified. (up to 100 messages)
  • ::exit : exits out of the bot to let it update.
  • ::poll subject text here :: emoji1 option1, emoji 2 option2 - Runs a poll with two different emojis and options
  • ::endpoll message_id: edits the given meesage to say end of poll.
  • ::reboot: Reboots the server.

Zanik will also say “scam!” after a user types in “woah”. This is an insider for our previous host, woahscam. You can find more about him here: Click. Make sure to keep updated with this new bot to make sure you’re taking advantage of any new features that are released for it. I’m sure more will come.

Ever since the removal of the 2009scape discord bot, Zanik has been ignoring the asterisk commands and started listening to users who use the colons. Also as of May of 2022, Zanik no longer responds to the kickme command.

Further Help

Need more help? Come chat with us!