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In 2009scape, we spend countless days waiting for the next new content but while we are playing the game we always find some skills just have silly errors that stop us from fully enjoying the game. It is not secret at all that our source needs an overhaul on some skills.

In this update, we focused on raking some of the weeds that the Arios team had planted long ago by rewriting the Farming Skill! Make sure you grab your rake and head over to do some farming. Our Lead Developer spent over a hundred hours yet again on another update that just brings us back to a real runescape game not some petty money grabbing RSPS. No more patches needing to be cleared, no more compost bins just not working, and the ability to play the entire skill will give countless hours of fun! Make sure you don't forget to complete the Lumbridge Medium diaries for the explorer ring 3 which will give you a port sarim farming patch teleport!

This may be a smaller thread this time around due to only so much you can say about a Farming rewrite. Make sure you tell Ceikry how much your appreciate it. Every bit means a lot to him and it's motivation to carry on with more content releases! Anywho, while you guys begin farming lets head over to these other patch notes.

Bug Fixes:
  • Updated Equip Timing.
  • You can now loot tar barrels on lunar isle.
  • You can now empty antipoison potions.
  • The Jobs in Lumbridge are now limited to 3 completions per day (this excludes jobs you skip)
  • Bone grinder has been rewritten + fixed ( You can use regular bones now! )
  • Corrected Sigmund's dialogue
  • If you have started but not finished Shield of Arrav, King Roald will now let you pick between All Fired Up and Shield of Arrav dialogue
  • Defence potion now uses a ranarr potion base instead of marrentill
  • Magic carpets have been redone to now appear correctly
  • Estate agent dialogue fixed + varrock achievements for it added
  • Ned's dialogue has been improved
  • Missing tool leprechauns have been added + wilderness flower patch implemented
  • Included some of Ryan's drop table fixes
  • Fixed all the cavalier hats clipping hair
Discord Updates:

Our Contributor role is now active for members that have a total of 500 lines of fixes. The role is only to give a shout out to the efforts of people fixing things that our Developers do not have to be concerned about. They also get credited ingame as well.

I will go in more detail on a separate page on the website of how our credit system works but there was an update to our voting system that I will mention here. every vote will be marked down and in a week from now if you have voted every single day ( only requiring voting once a day ) on the last day your votes will equal 5 credits. And then restarts the following week. You must vote everyday in order to get this. You can not miss a day. If you do your time resets.

Website Updates:

  • Ever since the split of two worlds new members have been confused on which to play. Look no further than this new world guide! Click me
  • Fixed the Highscores to display the x20 slider.
  • You can now see the Hall of Fame for 2009scape with all of the xp rates here.