Our Two Worlds


When you pull up the launcher you notice that there are two play buttons. One for World 1 and one for World 2. We've had our fair share of people come in either wanting completely authentic content or some inauthentic content. For awhile with the votes on inauthentic stuff being added to 2009scape were pretty much 100% wanted. However, in early January of 2021 we did a poll to see if players would like perks to be added to the skill capes. This was the first poll where we started to see a lot of people not wanting this but a lot of people did want it. So the divide for what was added was starting to become noticeable. The main thing about 2009scape was to recreate the version of the game as it was in 2009.

We ended up doing a poll to see if people wanted to have two separate worlds where players on World 1 would have all authentic content with super minor QoL updates and a World 2 with the ability to add custom stuff to the server as long as it kept the 2009 charm of the game. As you can see it was polled and voted in to have two separate worlds.


As of right now World 1 and World 2 aren't very different but do have a few differences.

Skill Cape Perks Skill Cape perks are special abilities that were added to the skill capes. Each ability was voted in on our discord and a few more are still to come and be voted on! If you would like to see what the perks are click here!
Slayer rerolls On World 2, you are able to request to reroll the slayer task without the need of slayer points.
Different Experience Rates As stated in the getting started guide that World 2 does have four different experience rates : x2.5, x5, x10 and x20!
Community Events On World 1, things stay pretty much the same. The rewards for playing on World 1 do win you more credits; however, World 2 allows for more admin interaction with different spawnable events! This does include holiday events this is strictly for community events hosted by our community manager : Kermit

The future looks bright for both worlds. Do keep in mind that one world is not better than the other and we care for both worlds. We plan on keeping the updates coming with just a hint of extra updates for the World 2. Keep informed of updates on our discord!