Skill Cape Perks

Exclusive to Legacy only

Attack Cape Your mastery of weapons allows you to almost always land a hit. When your attack level is taken into account to determine hit chance, 6 levels are added to it automatically, making your effective attack level 105. Stacks with potions and other effects.
Defence Cape Your mastery of the defencive arts makes you an expert with shields. Shields have 20% higher defence bonuses while wearing the cape.
Strength Cape The weapons made for you are really made for you. Weapons with strength requirements (halberds, granite maul, tzhaar-ket-om, torag's hammers and dharok's axe) have 20% higher strength bonuses while wearing the cape.
Hitpoints Cape Your constitution and willpower are so great that your max hitpoints increase to 110 while wearing the hitpoints skillcape.
Ranged Cape You are finely attuned to the arsenal of ranged weaponry. Ranged weaponry (excluding thrown weapons) have higher accuracy.
Magic Cape You have an in-depth knowledge of all the different books of magic. This perk allows you to swap your spellbook twice per day.
Prayer Cape Due to your close affinity with the divine, each tick where prayer points would be drained while using a prayer you have a 10% chance to not lose prayer points that tick.
Slayer Cape Your experience with slayer equipment has allowed you to use the Slayer Helm on your Slayer Cape to combine the two, granting your Slayer Cape the abilities of the Slayer Helm. Unfortunately, this process also reduces the stats of the Helm's power.'
Summoning Cape Not Implemented yet.
Runecrafting Cape Your knowledge of the Runecrafting abyss and the altars makes you an expert at manipulating spacetime to arrive at an altar of choice. Can operate the cape to teleport to a runecrafting altar of your choice 3 times a day.
Construction Cape Not Implemented yet.
Agility Cape With your body in peak physical condition, while wearing your cape your run energy drains 25% slower.
Herblore Cape When making potions, you have a 15% chance to make a 4-dose rather than a 3-dose due to your ability to make the most of your ingredients.
Crafting Cape Not Implemented yet.
Thieving Cape Your expertise with pickpocketing makes you much harder to detect. 25% lower chance to fail a pickpocket.
Fletching Cape Not Implemented yet.
Hunter Cape Not Implemented yet.
Mining Cape Your mastery of mining has brought you a great familiarity with the grain of rocks. It becomes slightly faster to mine any ore.
Smithing Cape Due to your absolute mastery with working metal, smithing no longer requires a hammer. Unlimited uses.
Fishing Cape Your skill with the harpoon makes you really great at timing your throws. 5% chance to catch two fish at once when harpoon fishing. Does not award additional xp for the second fish.
Cooking Cape You've mastered the culinary arts and have gotten wise enough to speed up your cooking, but you've gotten a bit careless - with a flame too high, you'll burn food slightly more often.
Firemaking Cape The firemaking skillcape constantly emits a warm glow, making it function as a light source.
Woodcutting Cape You almost have a sixth sense when it comes to finding birds' nests. Nests are automatically collected into your inventory if you have space when dropped from a tree while woodcutting.
Farming Cape Your farming cape seems to get a lot of seeds stuck to it. Operate once per day to claim 10 completely random seeds.
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