Archived Post -The Collision of Worlds


What's a remake without focus on unique features that build the game?

The battle of the worlds!

A new whole world was added with the whole new highscores to match it! World 2 being the custom/QoL verison of 2009scape and World 1 becoming the authentic 2009scape.

World 2 now adding Skill Cape Perks which you can find here : Click here World 2 also adding unlimited rerolls For both worlds we are looking at the xp drops updates! You can toggle it by doing the command : ::xptoggle

You can also change it from the total xp to the most recent skill by doing ::xpconfig track recent increment

And Slayer Toggles! Just type in ::toggleslayer while you have an active task and watch your counter go crazy!

But that's not all..
  • New Content
  • x20 xp rate Implemented a new xp rate to tempt the world 2 players with. The xp rate will have it's own set of claims to the 99s. Make sure like every other rate once you are first in a 99 to post in #claim-to-fame in the discord.
  • Bot Chat now shows up in the chat box! With a bunch of new phrases being added all the time by our beloved Kermit!
  • Agmundi Quality Clothes shop added.
  • Aberab, Achietties, Afflicted,Afrah,Agility Boss,Agmundi dialogues added.
  • Added all the NPCs for the varrock museum basement area
  • Added dialogue to Teacher and Pupil (male) NPC variant/li>
  • Added dialogue to Natural Historian NPC (not complete, requires cutscenes)
  • Added Ghost NPCs to "The Golem" quest area and 'Strange Implement' ground item
  • Added stairs support for Varrock Museum for underground area
  • Added dialogue to one 'Schoolgirl' NPC in varrock museum area
  • Added Altar Tabs
  • Restructured the project
  • Alphabetized the ::quests in Discord
  • Alphabetized the ::quests list ingame

Bug Fixes:

  • Added a check for Leaf-bladed sword
  • Fixed cooking bug where fire goes out and the player can still cook.
  • Mystic fix and added slayer drops + bonuses
  • Renamed the game instructor
  • Reduced the spam that bots would produce
  • Fixed Jelly Droptable
  • Removed a bunch of offensive names from bots and bot's text.
  • Kalphite soldiers now have animations and a drop table matching 2009
  • Adjusted the stat bonuses for the Kalphite Worker, Soldier and Guardian to match stat bonuses from OSRS wiki articles since they have accurate stats for the time prior.
  • Fixes immerseFalador's CoalMiner which starts in the mine and gets stuck.
  • Possible to thieve coins (and other items) even if players have 28 items in inventory, given they have space.
  • The giant spiders in Lumbridge are no longer aggressive
  • NPCs now don't attempt to face/focus you while dying
  • Fixed clue scroll text to make it more authentic
  • Pickpocketting has a slower delay

The site has also had some updates this month. We're working on a brand two brand new world highscore pages! Be sure to check it out and share any suggestions you have in the Discord.

See the World 1 Highscores here: here!
See the World 2 Highscores here: here!