Temple of Ikov and The Dig Site (and more)
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

There have been lots of changes in Gielinor, including two new quests! Temple of Ikov and The Dig Site have been implemented. Full list of changes follows:

  • Fixed Family Crest getting stuck when the drop from Chronozon is not picked up (fight is now repeatable if item is lost)
  • Fixed crafting guild tanning interface
    Rewrote master crafter dialogue
    Added missing master crafter dialogues
    Fixed issue preventing crafting guild entry with trimmed crafting cape
  • Fixed line that should be spoken by player in Philop dialogue
  • Fixed the organ animation in Lumbridge
  • Changed ::allow_aggro admin command to ::allowaggro true/false for consistency with other commands
    Added message for ::allowaggro activation
    Can now check ::allowaggro without toggling it by running it without a trailing true/false
  • Fixed unnoting items failing to unnote correctly when quantity is equal to free slots
  • Al Kharid warriors now help each other in combat
  • Fixed level 25 black guard stats and animations
  • Implemented The Dig Site quest
  • Improved ::ge interface handling
  • Bats now only drop bat wings during Rag and Bone Man quest
  • Corrected contents of Varrock newspaper and refactored related code
  • Added teleblock message for ancient magicks
  • Rewrote bone burying and corrected xp rates
  • Fixed rock crab spawns on Waterbirth island
  • Reverted Askeladden’s spawn to the previous location
  • Added docker-compose file
  • Karamja bug fixes and improvements

    Improved Brimhaven NPC interactions
    Both NPCs right click options now function
    Dialogue converted to Kotlin for both NPCs
    Minor dialogue modifications
    Converted the Karamja Option Plugin to a Karamja Listener and Brimhaven Listener
    Removed some duplicated handlers such at the ship yard gate and cart
    Corrected the coins shown when paying to enter the Brimhaven dungeon
    The palm tree now drops the leaf to the ground when shaken and has an animation
  • Cleaned up more server name references and related strings
  • Fletching now checks for inventory space before fletching darts, headless arrows, and arrows
  • Fixed bank guard dialog typo
  • Added Zanaris Evil Chicken Lair
  • Fixed issue with Man (ID 1086) not being able to be pick pocketed
  • Stronghold of Player Safety now checks if inventory is full before awarding lamp rewards
  • Fixed issue where some scripts weren’t cleared when the player moves
  • Ported Peksa from Java to Kotlin
  • Music fixes

    Corrected music locations for Tolna’s rift
    The Digsite and Exam Centre now correctly play Lullaby and Venture all the time
    Corrected borders for Venture 2, which now correctly plays in the dungeons underneath the Digsite
    Corrected borders for Chain of Command, which now correctly plays in all of the Temple of Ikov dungeon (and the two versions of the boots of lightness dungeon)
    Added a new track, the brine rat cave now plays Rising Damp
  • Fixed issue where the player could be given stacks of 0 items
  • Fixed fletching blurite c’bow
  • Making sets of bolts, arrows and headless arrows no longer continues indefinitely
  • Replaced item IDs in construction code with constants
  • Implemented pet shoo-away
  • Implemented auto splitting of excessively long dialogue lines
    Many new farming-related player messages added, and some existing messages updated
    Raking animation updated
    Herb picking animation updated
    Digging up farming patch animation updated
    Plant cure animation updated
    A scarecrow can be retrieved from a flower patch by digging it up with a spade
    Picking fruit/berries stops when running out of inventory space
    The player can no longer dig up a tree they have planted before chopping it down
  • Implemented Temple of Ikov quest
  • Failing to clean herb message is now authentic
  • Updated release script to use new website update post layout
  • Fixed fish caught statistic not saving
  • Fixed Santa giving 0 coal
  • Removed unused bosses from boss kill counter
  • Fixed the Death Plateau quest log
    Fixed Druidic Ritual completion message
  • Fixed issue preventing some dragonstone jewellery teleports working at level 30 wilderness
  • Fixed text for quest cape removal
    Quest cape can now be retrieved from the wise old man if both inventory and bank are full when quests are implemented
  • Fixed inconsistent and inauthentic messages for fishing
    Fixed item grinding consuming the whole stack sometimes
    Fixed incorrect Fremennik diary cheese task
    Fixed Seer’s diary candle task
  • Adjusted Varrock armour bonus to be more authentic - 4% for ores up to coal, 3% for ores gold to mithril with tier 2 or 3 and 2% for adamantite with tier 3
  • Corrected slayer hint text message formatting
  • Corrected typo in Grand Tree quest
  • Fixed music for Zanaris, Puro Puro, Lunar Isle and little cave of horrors
  • Rewrote Lilly dialogue
    Rewrote Eadburg dialogue
    Added examine texts for Achietties, Wizard Cromperty and Obli
    Corrected seaweed spawn
  • Rewrote molten glass blowing

    Fixed animations
    Timing has been corrected, now takes 2 ticks instead of 3
  • Improved authenticity of many messages
    Fixed explorer’s ring using a charge when already at 100% energy
  • Added message when running out of prayer points
    Improved handling of running out of prayer points
  • Added some missing XTEA keys
  • Fixed bug that could result in players losing Christmas event rewards if their inventory is full
  • Implemented news message for achieving max level in all skills
  • Replaced current rune kite (h#) shield hard clue rewards with the correct shield items
  • Corrected typo in Tree Gnome Village quest
  • Corrected examine for dragon bones
  • Refactored battlestaff crafting to follow authentic interfaces and timing
  • Improved pet handling and fixed some bugs
    Players with merged pets will have the merge resolved next time they are dropped
  • Fixed Bogrog spirit shard pouch exchange rounding
  • Fixed stairs around Castle Wars
  • Fixed pack yak scroll deleting items when bank is full
  • Corrected music for Tolna’s rift and Sorceress’s Garden
  • Bot dialogue now always starts with uppercase character
    Fixed hard-coded server name references
    Replaced incorrect use of “Keldagrim” with “Gielinor”
  • Fixed issue where Halgrive does not replace lost poisoned feed
  • Players now kicked out of unimplemented werewolf agility course
  • Authenticity improvements for the dramen tree

    The dramen tree now has the highest possible chop speed
    Chopping the dramen tree now aborts once the branch has been obtained
    The tree spirit no longer uses the rare seed drop table, instead drops nothing
    The tree spirit can now be attacked by other players
  • Pet rock animations & fixes

    Made the Pet rock two-handed
    Changed Pet rock weight to 1 kg
    Edited dialogue for the Talk option to be more authentic
    Added animation for the Stroke option & a delay for the second message to wait for the animation to finish
    Edited dialogue for the Fetch option to be more authentic, added animations & graphics, and added the projectile with graphics
    Added animations & graphics for the Stay option
  • NPC fixes at:

    Mountain Camp (next to Troll Stronghold)
  • Dialogue and examine fixes

    Converted Lidio dialogue to Kotlin
    Converted Anton dialogue to Kotlin
    Added Achietties and updated dialogue file
    Updated servant dialogue
    Updated Wistan dialogue
    Changed examine text of Scrying orb, uncharged & charged
    Added examine text to wizard Cromperty
    Changed bucket examine text
    Updated Unferth dialogue
  • Added missing Zanaris examines
    Fixed temple, north staircase interaction
  • Corrected examine for Dagannoth Bonemeal
  • Added music for Chaos Tunnels & Tunnel of Chaos
  • Abyss obstacle success rate is now 100% at level 99 (instead of 99%)
  • Skillcape dailies reset with other dailies at midnight server time
  • Bug fixes for getting stuck in Creature of Fenkenstrain