Two many quests
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

Creature of Fenkenstrain and Rag and Bone Man are now available!

Full list of changes:

  • Fixed rapid heal bug
    Improved reliability of runecrafting unit tests
  • Implemented Rag and Bone Man quest (part 1)
  • Fixed male/female dialogue in Druidic Ritual
  • Implemented 7 Christmas Holiday randoms:
    Snowman Fight
    Jack Frost
  • Fixed numerous interfaces, including Puro puro, Destroy item, Equipment, kept on death, Cooking (single prompts i.e. raw fish -> range), Fletching (make set i.e. fletching arrows, bow)
    Rewrote herb cleaning to listener
    Fixed studded leather crafting level requirement and xp
    Fixed bow stringing stealing strings
    ::quest <player> can now be used to look up a player’s completed quests
  • Fixed Creature of Fenkenstrain quest point reward
  • Rewrote MysteriousRuinPlugin to a listener
    Fixed Varrock earth tiara easy diary task
  • Fixed amulet of glory wilderness teleport level
  • Fencing ring now requires 8 oak planks rather than 8 steel kiteshields
  • Fixed gender specific dialogue for Hadley
  • Improved accuracy of barrows rewards
  • POH slayer trophy now obtainable, added all heads as tertiary drops
  • Added optional player argument to ::setlevel
  • Fixed bug involving kitten/cat deletion
  • Fixed typo in Chaos Tunnels portal

    Fixed typo in gnome glider to digsite
    Fixed a few typos in the random phrases uttered by the Bork minions
    Added missing Bork minion phrase
  • Fixed failed sheep shearing movement
  • Implemented Strange Plant Random Event
  • Implemented Creature of Fenkenstrain quest
  • Added tool leprechaun dialogue (excluding goth)
  • Fixed drill sergeant completion reward drop bug
  • Implemented Tolna Rift

    Improved ::npcanim admin command
  • Fixed examine text, slayer tip and drops of vampires
  • Corrected typos in Denulth’s Troll Stronghold dialogues

    Corrected typo in Drezel’s Nature Spirit dialogue
    Corrected typos in Blaze Sharpeye’s All Fired Up dialogues
    Corrected typo in Dragon Slayer chest dialogue
  • Implemented swarm random event
  • Backported probabilistic runes. Can now toggle between revision 581, 573 and 570 behavior via runecrafting_formula_revision in server config
  • Big bass, shark, and swordfish are now obtainable from fishing

    The message for catching shark now ends with an authentic exclamation mark
    The fishing skill cape perk now logs catching a second fish in player stats
  • Added the correct animation/graphics for emptying the ectophial

    Rewrote ectophial
  • Death’s message for the holiday random event now uses the correct type of player name
  • Sheep now face player when sheared
  • Corrected linked construction hotspots for shelves, thrones and statues
  • Refactored some dialogues in the Ardougne area

    Remapped Kortan’s shop
    Fixed stock of Aemad’s shop
  • Leaving the fight caves now also clears poison, disease and restores run energy (QoL fix)
  • Added examine texts to bob shirts (obtained from easy clues)
  • Several additions and changes to Zanaris

    Added fairy queen dialogue
    Added movement to the cows
    Added a spawnpoint for Blaec
    Added examine texts
  • Fixed incorrect adamant shield (h#) in medium clue reward pool
  • Fixed rune consumption when teleblocked
  • Fixed wilderness zoning near KBD lever
  • Updated README.md with working link to Thanos tool + java 11 reminder
  • Deleted obsolete GE tool
  • Charlie now says 2009Scape in The Grand Tree
  • Corrected moss giant drop table
  • Corrected fire giant drop table
  • Fixed fishing trawler teleport and random event issues
  • Fixed construction requirement for combat rings
  • Made firemaking skillcape a valid light source for the giant mole
  • Implemented Rick Turpentine and Drunken Dwarf random events
  • Corrected Skeletal Wyvern drop table
  • Added the two NPCs above the furnace in Falador
  • Rewrote Stat Spy

    Refactored lunar spell handlers
  • Corrected Waterbirth Island Dagannoth drop tables
  • Fixed incorrect index for statuette rotation attribute used in the Golem quest
  • Fixed empty item regression breaking rune pouches and ectophial
  • Corrected Cockatrice drop table
  • Corrected Ice Giant drop table
  • Corrected Ogre drop table

    Corrected Ogress drop table
    Corrected Ogress Warrior drop table
    Corrected Ogress Champion drop table
  • Corrected Dark Beast drop table
  • Huge wilderness data audit and correction, including the following areas

    Frozen Waste Plateau (Within members gate)
    Agility Course
    Pirate Cove
    Mage Arena Area
    Mage Arena
    Inside Mage Arena
    Deserted Keep
    Magic Axe Hut
    Near Deserted Keep below Magic Axe Hut
    Scorpion Pit
    Chaos Elemental
    Rogues’ Castle
    Top Right Volcano
    Lava Maze
    Red dragon Isle
    Mining Hobgoblin Area
    Canoe area
    Wilderness Volcano
    Forgotten Cemetery
    West of Stealing Creation
    Stealing Creation
    Ruins right side
    Front of Ruins
    Demonic Ruins
    Near Corp Cave
    Ruins left side
    Graveyard of Shadows
    Bandit Camp
    Spider Mound near Sapphire Gems
    Dark Warrior Fortress
    Clan Wars
    Ruins south of clan wars
    Chaos Altar
    Bottom East
  • Corrected Dagannoth Prime drop table
  • Corrected Dagannoth Supreme drop table
  • Corrected Dagannoth Rex drop table
  • Corrected Gargoyle drop table
  • Corrected TzHaar-Xil drop table
  • Implemented eating of frog spawn
  • The name of the location where the shooting star has dropped is now no longer lowercased
  • Corrected TzHaar-Mej drop table
  • Corrected TzHaar-Hur drop table
  • Barbarian potion refactor

    Fixed barbarian potions that can take either a roe or caviar from consuming both
    Corrected level requirement and product potion id for hunter and antifire mixes
    Corrected input potion id for fishing mix
    Implemented antidote+ mix
    Fixed level requirement for super energy mix
    Fixed duration of antipoison mix (now 90 seconds)
  • Rewrote Captain Barnaby and Shilo Cart interactions
  • Refactored canoe handling

    Canoe station should now have the full animation suite
    Canoe making now scales with axe and level of woodcutting
    Interfaces are now fully updated with proper hide/show/animation
    Canoes now sink at the end of the journey
    Added a black screen backdrop overlay seen only in HD
  • Corrected Vesta’s longsword damage
  • Rewrote pet management

    Fixed being unable to remove pets
    Removed redundant pet messaging
  • Corrected TzHaar-Ket drop table
  • Added support for tertiary drop tables