More changes in Gielinor
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

There have been some more changes in Gielinor:

  • Corrected music locations and tracks

    Water altar (Zealot)
    Blood altar (Bloodbath)
    Abyss (Into the Abyss)
    Rogues' Den
    Corporeal beast (Bane of Summer)
    Armadyl's Eyrie
  • Corrected Icefiend drop table
  • Corrected Aberrant Spectre drop table
  • Corrected Nechryael drop table
  • Fixed typos in Lokar Searunner dialogue
  • Fixed bug preventing use of slayer boosters for slayer tasks
  • Implemented 7 random events for Halloween, 17th October to 7th November

    Includes server config options holiday_random_event and force_halloween_randoms
    Admin command ::hrevent -p username -e eventName
    Admin command ::forcehrevents holidayName
    Admin command ::stophrevents
  • The Abyss skull is now automatically renewed whenever the player enters the abyss
  • Corrected Stick (Troll) drop table
    Corrected Pee Hat (Troll) drop table
    Corrected Kraka (Troll) drop table
  • Corrected hill giant drop table
  • Corrected stronghold of security giant spider drop table
  • Corrected Kalphite Guardian drop table
  • Temporarily removed intermittently failing unit tests
  • Corrected Tyras Guard drop table
  • Fixed summoning obelisk scroll creation interface
  • Fixed ring of the star sprite bypassing some teleport restrictions
  • Player username case is now consistent
  • Better handling of pitfall NPCs
  • Corrected Anja and Hengel drop tables
  • Corrected stats for cave bugs
  • Corrected Air Elemental drop table
    Corrected Water Elemental drop table
  • Implemented The Book of the Big High War God
  • Corrected item costs in Varrock's fur clothing shop
  • Fixed a construction bug where rooms built off of a south-facing door with a southern orientation were not getting rotated after being built
  • Gates near the lumberyard and the path to the digsite should open properly now
  • Fixed bug causing some rewards to disappear instead of dropping when inventory fills up as a result of receiving the reward
  • Implemented pickpocketing for NPCs in Rellekka
    Added dialogue for shopkeeper Kofi and shop assistant
    Changed examine text of Kofi and added shop assistant
    Rewrote Karamja man dialogue to Kotlin
    Rewrote Monkey dialogue to Kotlin
    Rewrote Zambo dialogue to Kotlin
  • Added announcement for new players
  • Fixed typo in Taverly chest message
    Added period to end of some cooking messages
  • Added Hring Hring dialogue
    Corrected stock levels in Hring Hring's shop
  • Moved some God Wars NPCs back into the map
    Fixed stairs in Heroes' Guild
    Fixed stairs in Gnome Village
    Fixed stairs in Dagannoth King room
    Fixed stairs near Sir Amik Varse
  • NPC additions to Piscatoris fishing colony

    (Partially) Added Franklin Caranos's dialogue
    Added Herman Caranos's dialogue
    Added a spawn location for Herman Caranos
    Added npc movement to Franklin Caranos
    Added Skeleton mage config
  • Interface Developer Tools

    Implemented fully functioning interface decoders referenced from the client
    Added ::iftriggers command that gives visibility of all the varp/varc triggers on an interface
    Added ::listifmodels command that gives visibility of all the models present on an interface
    Added ::listiftext command that gives visibility of all the text present on an interface
  • Rewrote "emptying" contents of many items
    Implemented emptying plant cure
    Rewrote DFS handler
    Corrected DFS max hit to be 25 instead of 26
    Corrected DFS attack cooldown to be 2 mintues instead of 30 secs
    Implemented the animation when emptying charges from the DFS
    Implemented a server config (better_dfs) to preserve previous functionality (enabled by default)