Troll Stronghold
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

This update brings the Troll Stronghold quest and more:

  • Implemented more Keldagrim

    Gave Ordan a full dialogue revamp for dialogue and un-noting
    Gave Blast Furnace Foreman a full dialogue including a tutorial for the blast furnace
    Fixed the boating routes
    Added the train tunnel (but not the train)
    Relocated and implemented NPCs in Keldagrim
  • "your pet is getting hungry" and "your pet is starving, feed it before it runs off" now always fire before pets run off
  • Implemented Troll Stronghold quest
  • Implemented cooking curry and pita bread
  • Fixed the mining level requirement of perfect gold ore to be 40 instead of 46
    Resolved a issue where gold rock scenery was rewarding perfect gold ore on gold rocks outside of the Witchaven dungeon
    Familiars are no longer allowed in some places they shouldn't be
    The Grand Tree mine's roots now properly animate and play the correct sound when pushing them
    The correct thieving level is now required for Varrock pickpocket diary task
    Added the correct dialogue message to inspecting the cactus with the red scarf from tourist trap
    Corrected Dagganoth Prime talisman drops
    Arctic pines now reward 40 xp authentic to Jan of 2009 instead of Sept of 2009
    All farming patch tree chop rates have been corrected
    Fixed an issue where the player would continue to chop farming patch trees after they get chopped down
    Fixed the typo in the word Jenkiins -> Jenkins
  • The AntiMacro timer now properly pauses for Administrators
    Modified the ::revent command to unpause the AntiMacro timer for admins and display a chat message
  • Fixed Jatizso ferry regression
  • Rewrote the barrows reward chest for authenticity

    Removed inauthentic potions
    Remove the inauthentic restriction that the chest may only be looted after all brothers have been killed
    Each brother killed now awards an additional roll for the chest
  • Refactored lunar spellbook code
    Rewrote humidify spell
  • Removed rune crossbow from ice warrior drops
  • Fixed summoning bug where pets could get stuck until relog
  • Fixed issue where Uri did not see Dueling Ring (1) as a Dueling Ring to proceed with medium clue
  • Opening a quest journal now closes any open interface before opening the new one, thus fixing unimplemented quest journals displaying incorrectly when another is already open
  • Rewrote stiles
    Added a new ContentAPI function, animationCycles, that returns the exact number of cycles an animation lasts for (useful for forced movement)
    Added a new function to Vector objects that allows convertion into Direction objects (useful for transforming locations)
  • Fixed a regression causing broken NPC range and magic attacks
  • Fixed an issue in replaceSlot logic causing visual bugs with pizza
  • Corrected RPDT employee inauthenticities
  • Random event improvements

    Implemented smoke puff sound when random event npcs disappear
    Fixed smoke puff repeating
    Admins will no longer get random events
    Can no longer talk to a random event NPC if they are leaving
    Rewrote Drill Demon event:
    The event can no longer be avoided and Sergeant Damien automatically teleports you to the event
    The player can no longer escape the event by logging out
    Sergeant Damien now walks around the area in a circle as he should authentically
    Corrected all of Sergeant Damien's dialogue to be authentic
    Implemented the authentic item dialogues that show the player the picture of the sign to exercise at
    Implemented all the exercise sounds
    Evil Bob's Island:
    Rewrote all uses of pulses to scripts
    Fixed evil bob not teleporting players when in combat
    Fixed the reward dialogue
    Freaky Forester:
    Rewrote the freaky forester teleport to a script instead of a pulse
    Fixed an issue where nearby players could talk to the NPC
    Genie Event:
    Rewrote most of the event
    The genie now leaves after completing the dialogue
    Implemented the genie appearing sound
    Evil Chicken:
    Now uses the correct attack sound
    Added admin command ::barrage [radius] that new barrage command hits all the players in the radius defines with a custom weak ice barrage. It will play the ice barrage sound, display graphics and hit the player for a random 0-3 damage. A fail safe has been added so the command will hit 0 if the player is low on health so this command will not accidentally kill players
  • Removed osrs references from bot names
  • Fixed antipoison not working in some scenarios
    Added new ::timers admin command
  • Locked claw smithing behind Death Plateau quest
  • Shops will no longer charge if inventory is full
    The ::shop can no longer be opened if the player is movement or interaction locked
    Rogues now drop the proper coin
    Rewrote the canoe station chop down as a soft script to be uninterruptible
    Fixed the player locks for Rellekka trapped chest and better handled the case when inventory is full
    Corrected the examine text of the armadyl plateskirt
    Fixed the dialogue for lady of the lake
    The player is now locked and can't interrupt stepping stone shortcuts
  • Improved accuracy of stats for minotaur familiars
  • Fixed typos in Romeo & Juliet
  • Fixed Doric's Quest's log appearing blank
  • Implemented a new Teleport zone restriction and added a check to the teleport manager to see if the player is teleport zone restricted
    The firemaking cape will no longer be deleted when logging out in a darkzone
    The Stronghold of Security Gift of Peace, Grain of Plenty, and Box of Health will now add coins to already existing stack of coins if inventory is full
    The Cradle of Life will now unlock emotes from all previous Stronghold of Security levels if completed (This was added for older accounts which have completed the stronghold of security but are missing the emotes)
    Implemented an Entrana allowed item check
    If skillcape perks are active then the player is allowed to bring the runecrafting cape(s) to entrana
    The teleport block in fishing trawler now only applies while on the boat and is cleared upon logout/leave
    Fixed an issue where you could teleport out of the sunk fishing trawler
    Fixed an issue where a logout listener was not being removed after failing the fishing trawler causing the player to be teleported to port khazard after their next login
    Added a check to to see if the player has items banned on entrana
    Blue dragon scales have had their respawn timer corrected to 18 seconds
    Fixed the warriors guild cyclops room logout listener to properly be removed when leaving
    Players will no longer get stuck if logging out during agility obstacles
    Enchanted jewellery teleports now close any open interface
    Players can no longer complete the Falador medium diary goal of pickpocketing a guard without 40 thieving