More bugfixes in Gielinor
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

There have been some more changes in Gielinor:

  • Fixed performance issue where entities could have multiple movement operations running at a time
  • Deep wilderness threats now continue at next login if present when logging out
    Decreased brawler gloves and PvP gear drop rate from ordinary deep wilderness NPCs (does not apply to revenants or chaos elemental)
    Brawler gloves and PvP gear drops from ordinary deep wilderness NPCs now require at least 100k high alchemy risk (does not apply to revenants or chaos elemental)
  • Corrected some inauthenticities in the script processor

    Soft queued scripts no longer remove weak scripts
    Soft queued scripts now delay logout until processed
  • Fixed issue where eating/firemaking/decanting replaced item from incorrect inventory slot
    Corrected potion decanting and bank pin interface sounds
  • Fixed visual issue when displaying female characters in tutorial island's character customisation
  • Implemented applying weapon poison to crossbow bolts and Morrigan's javelins
  • Ring of the Star Sprite teleport no longer gives a wilderness warning for bounty hunter star (as it's not in the wilderness zone and has a bank available)
  • Rewrote blast furnace
  • Construction improvements

    Relaxed constraint on room rotation to allow for blind walls
    Prevent the room snapping into a different rotation than the one specified
  • Implemented special attacks for Morrigan's throwing axes and javelins
  • Fixed weapon interface and attack animations on Vesta's longsword
  • Corrected banshee drop table
    Added requirements to some heraldic (construction) equipment
  • Audio refactor continued

    Implemented admin audio command ::audio audioId loops[optional]
    Implemented admin globalaudio command ::globalaudio audioId radius playername (plays from that players location) or can be used by coords ::globalaudio audioId radius x y z
    Refactored the following sounds:
    Tribal totem quest Cromperty teleport (fixed looping)
    Vinesweeper tool leprechaun teleport sound (Corrected this sound so it does not loop 10 times)
    Antifire and poision immunity 30 seconds remaining tick tock sounds and sound of the potions expiring (Fixed it so it plays the correct number of tick tocks)
    Sound when summoning a familiar (All familiars were using the summon unicorn sound. It is now defaulted to the normal summoning sound instead of the unicorn summon sound. All familiars on first summon have a their own sounds that will need to be implemented later)
    Door and gate sounds
    Bank interface sounds
    Unicorn stallion special move sound
    Agility pyramid rolling block sounds
    Prayer book sounds
    Lunar stat spy
    Hunter falconry
    Picking items in a field like potatoes
    Ectophial teleport and refill
    Summoning pouch creation and renewing points
    Runecrafting at altar sound
    Making finished and unfinished potions
    Cutting gems
    Entering giant mole area
    Praying at an altar
    Warriors guild animator sounds
    Chiseling limestone
    Spirit wolf special move sound
    Telegrab spell sound
    Glassblowing sound
    Strong of security opening reward chest creaking sound
    Butterfly net sound
    Desert rug travel rise and descend sound
    Enchanting bolts
    Woodcutting tree falling and chopping sound
    Hunter setting up dismantling traps and pitfall sounds
    Explorers ring run energy restore sound
    Farming: Raking, adding compost to patch, picking from fruit trees, seed dibb, using plant cure on patch, opening/closing/adding to/from compost bin
    Mage training arena alchemy spell sounds
    Breaking bones to peaches/bananas tab sound
    Casting silver sickle bloom
    Entrana magic door teleport
    Cabbage teleport
    Teleother cast sound
    Fairy ring teleport sound
    Lunar vengeance spells
    Running out of prayer sound
    Lunar (non teleport) spells
    Super heat and bones to bananas normal spell book sounds
    Equip/unequip item sound
    Revenant combat sounds
    Herb cleaning sound
    Emptying buckets/bowls/jugs of water
    Making cannonballs at a furnace
    Digging with a spade
    Peer the seer fremmenik trials challenge: heating items on the range
    Blessing a spirit shield at a POH altar
    ContentAPI function stun sound
    Picking up items off the ground
    Eating food sound
    Cooking and intentionally burning food
    Drinking a potion
    Warriors guild catapult
    Pulling wilderness teleport levers
    Offering bones on a POH altar
    Slashing spider webs in Varrock sewers
    Entering POH portal teleport sound
    GE exchanging item set sound
    Jumping wilderness ditch
    Dragon axe special
    Digging up a farming patch
    Lunar heal spells
    Chaos elemental projectile impact sounds
    Mounted glory teleport
    Lunar share and boost potion spell
    Dwarf multi cannon setup, rotate, and firing sounds
    NPC attacking sound
    Enchanted bolt effect combat sound
  • Pets no longer count as summoning for split combat level calculation
  • Antipoison effects now trigger for the correct durations
  • Fixed (for real) Jeremy missing in Fight Arena
  • Fixed bug in fight quest where Jeremy was teleported incorrectly