Bugfixes in Gielinor
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

There have been some more changes in Gielinor:

  • Audio Refactor

    1st of many audio refactors, the end goal is removing AudioManager.java and using contentAPI functions for all sound
    Refactored playAudio
    Refactored playGlobalAudio
    Fixed lunar teleport sounds to not play if teleblocked
    Refactored the following sounds:
    All the special attack and DFS sounds defaulting to new API radius of 8 instead of 5
    Dropping coins, item, and destroying object sounds fixed
    Ectophial refill sound
    Agility pyramid sounds
    Emptying a fishbowl
    Enchanted jewellery teleport sound
    Enchanted jewellery enchant tab sound
    All the sounds for Elemental Workshop 1 listeners
    The sound when getting experience from a lamp
    Blessing and repairing a grave
    Hunter pitfall sounds
    Hunter sound when catching a kebbit with a noose
    Lunar cure me and cure group spell sound
    High and low alchemy spells
    Silver crafting at a furnace
    Spinning at a spinning wheel
    Drinking from a waterskin in the desert
    Sound when being blessed by drezel in nature's spirit quest
    Sound when poison immunity has 30 seconds left and when your immunity expires
    Shearing regular sheep and the penguin sheep at lumbridge
    Sound when regular spell book charge spell expires
    GE sounds: making 0 coin offer when buying, not having enough money, placing a buy offer, not enough room in inventory
    Sound when filling vessels from a water source
    Regular and ancient combat spells
  • Fixed incorrect message when trying to use teleport levers while teleblocked
  • Players now can't attack deep wilderness threats focused on other players
  • Improved teleblock condition checking
  • Added new camera API methods (including shake and reset)
    Added new admin commands for testing camera movements (::poscam, ::movcam, ::rotcam, ::shakecam, ::resetcam)
  • Code cleanup

    Reorganised imports
    Removed redundant qualifiers
  • Spiritual warriors and spiritual rangers now correctly drop hard clue scrolls
  • Fix edge case save parsing issue for poison
  • Obelisk improvements

    Made the wilderness teleport obelisks roll the destination obelisk fairly
    Improved obelisk teleport positioning logic
    Made the obelisk teleport capture a 3-by-3 bounding box of players, in accordance with the teleport animation
  • Fixed regression causing random events to trigger for bots
  • More sounds + audio refactoring

    Modified default audio radius default parameter to be safer, 8 tiles instead of 15
    Improved location/direction based sounds
    Fixed the way sounds are handled for magic spells (All modern and ancient combat spells. All lunar teleport spells.)
    Magic spells now correctly fade in volume the further away you are from a target/player casting or being hit by a spell. The sound starts to fade after a few tiles until it cant be heard anymore
    Refactored lunar teleport sounds to use playGlobalAudio
    Humidfy now can be heard globally by other players
    Fixed Lunar fertile soil spell graphics and animation to be authentic
    Weapon attack sounds now start to fade after a few tiles until it cant be heard anymore
    NPC attack sound now fades with distance
    NPC hurt sound now fades with distance
    NPC death sound now fades with distance
    Fixed combat punching sound when no weapon is equipped so it can be heard globally
    Fixed a issue where you would hear a punching sound when casting any combat spell
    Fixed male player hurt sounds when in combat
    Implemented female player hurt sounds when in combat
    Failing agility obstacles will now play the correct hurt sound based on gender
    Fixed low wall agility pyramid sound
    Fixed taking damage from dying of thirst in the desert to use correct sounds
    Fixed the sound of drinking from a waterskin in the desert
    Implemented sound when attaching godsword blades to a hilt
    Fixed rune essence mine teleport sound so it no longer loops 10 times and plays authentically
    Implemented undead tree attack sound at Draynor manor
    Implemented all ectofunctus bone grinder sounds and the sound when offering to the ectofunctus
    Implemented mort myre ghast attack and player hurt sounds
    Fixed thieving pickpocket fail sounds
    Implemented falador guards combat sounds
    Implemented varrock guards combat sounds
    Implemented draynor market guard combat sounds
    Implemented cyclops combat sounds (warriors guild cyclops)
    Implemented animated armor combat sounds (all warriors guild animated armors)
    Implemented white wolf/big wolf/wolf combat sounds (wolves on white wolf mountain)
  • Added Dockerfile
  • Fixed typo in "the poison has worn off" message
  • Fixed issue where unequip listeners did not fire on death
  • Timers can be flagged for removal on death (fixes deep wilderness threats attacking for brief period after respawn)
    Fixed an issue with the skill restore timer that caused overheals to be reset to normal hp
  • Random event manager rewrite

    Time until next random event now persists across logins
    Events will no longer spawn while the player has an interface like the bank open
    Replaced the slurry of random event commands with a singular ::revent admin command
    Random events now support being associated with multiple skills
    Random event selection is now more robust
    Players will no longer get skill-based random events if more than 2.5 minutes have passed since training the skill