Clock Tower Quest
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

This update brings the Clock Tower quest and more:

  • Implemented Clock Tower quest
  • Combat sounds overhaul

    Sound effects for every ancient spell have been corrected
    Every special attack weapon currently accessible has had sound added or implementation modified:
    Dragon Battleaxe
    Excalibur & Enhanced Excalibur
    Dragon Halberd
    Dragon 2h
    Rune Thrownaxe
    Vesta's Spear
    Ancient Mace
    Bandos Godsword
    Bone Dagger
    Dorgeshuun Crossbow
    Dragon Scimitar
    Statius's Warhammer
    Armadyl Godsword
    Dragon Longsword
    Dragon Mace
    Magic Longbow
    Magic Comp Bow
    Rune Claws
    Vesta's Longsword
    Dark Bow
    Dragon Claws
    Dragon Dagger
    Granite Maul
    Magic Shortbow
    Saradomin Sword
    Dragon Spear
    Zamorakian Spear
    Zamorak Godsword
    Dragonfire Shield
  • Fixed bug where players couldn't log in after logging out after being frozen
  • Fixed an issue causing erroneous persistence of graves
  • Fixed regression causing GE to eat noted items
  • Fixed item dupe in GE
  • Fixed combat movement regression that occurred when fighting large NPCs
  • Deep wilderness threat balancing

    Killing the hostile event now removes all built up threat
    Hostile event can now follow the player up/down stairs, through cave entrances, etc.
    Hostile event now applies disease status for 25 hits when killed
    Reduced the threat gained by killing NPCs by 5x
    Increased the threat gained by brawlers drops by 3.75x
    PvP gear drops now award maximum threat (30 minutes to return to zero)
    In summary, the hostile event will trigger less often but will be more dangerous
  • Added droptrick check to Sir Pyrsin dialogue for silverlight
  • Deep wilderness balancing

    Added a threat system to the deep wilderness that increases as a player kills NPCs to add balance to lucrative drop rates of PvP items in the deep wilderness
    Threat decreases with time
    Threat only increases in the deep wilderness
    As threat increases, the risk of encountering hostile wilderness events increases
    Hostile wilderness events may spawn anywhere in the wilderness
    Improved the safety checks on items dropped in PvP
    Untradeable items dropped in PvP will now yield an amount of coins proportional to the item's high alchemy value, and delete the item. This amount is halved if the killer doesn't have the level for high alchemy. An additional 250 gp is deducted (after halving, if applicable) from all items to account for the hypothetical cost of a nature rune
    Added admin command to view threat level ::dwthreat
  • Batched grafana writes into 30 second intervals
  • Made it possible to get multiple Silverlights after completing Demon Slayer
    Made it possible to craft Darklight with black ink after completing The Golem quest
  • Converted goblin village population sign into listener
  • Fixed regression - wilderness levers and obelisk teleports
  • Fixed regression - the restless ghost is now able to be completed by adding the skull to the coffin
    Fixed regression - house teleport and teletabs not working due to being teleblocked by the cast
    Fixed regression - WildernessGateHandler now only prompts the player and applies the skull when interacting with the gates in the wilderness and not other gates
  • Fixed unreachable grand exchange NPC exchange option