Death Plateau, New Random Events and Deep Wilderness PvP
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

Beware the deep wilderness, as PvP has returned! Specific details can be found below in the full list of changes.

There has been a HUGE list of changes in Gielinor:

  • Fixed quest tests not using the correct startup procedure
  • Implemented Evil Bob's Island random event
    Added admin command ::bob to start random event
  • Hard clue equipment audit

    Blue D'hide Body (g) - 40 Def and 50 Ranged req fixed
    Blue D'hide Body (t) - 40 Def and 50 Ranged req fixed
    Zamorak Chaps - Added 40 Def req
    Guthix Chaps - Added 40 def req
    Saradomin Chaps - Added 40 def req
    Heraldic rune equipment - Added requirements
  • Greatly improved server performance by limiting the max wander radius return-to-spawn behavior applies to, and ensuring only one return-to-spawn movement pulse triggers at a time
  • Star sprite ring teleport can now be used in the wilderness up to level 20
  • Fixed inappropriate inventory full message when woodcutting
  • Fixed enchanted lyre teleport bypassing teleblock
  • Fixed wilderness teleblock bug
  • Fixed an issue causing a build up of pulses when regions are unloaded and npcs are still navigating back to their spawns
  • Fixed Teleport to House to teleport the player inside the house, rather than outside the entrance portal
    Removed HouseTeleportPlugin.java deadcode
  • Fixed stronghold of player safety reward regression
  • Fixed unnoting of ore by Ordan
    Corrected Ordan's and Jorzik's dialogue and faces
  • Fixed infinite lunar cast range
  • Added farming patch safety checks
  • Made familiar code more testable
    Fixed an issue with the bloated leech "blood drain" ability
  • Grafana Integration + Unified SQLite Boilerplate + Fixed bot movement performance regression
  • Fixed desert wyrm node search
  • Improved the performance of drop table rolling
    Chromatic Dragon eggs now only drop at a 1/1000 rate if the player has 99 summoning, impossible to obtain otherwise
  • Fixed damage scaling issue with chinchompas.
  • Fix plugin-sourced movement walking the player to the same tile as the NPC/Player/etc
  • Improved how books are handled
    Implemented admin model viewer ::models
  • Rewrote Doric's Quest
  • Implemented Freaky Forester random event
    Added admin ::freak command to trigger Freaky Forester
  • Fixed a bug where shooting star xp was awarded incorrectly on the last stardust of a level
  • Immersive sound update

    Fixed all skills to play their correct level up jingles
    All skills except agility have 2 level up jingles
    Most skills play a different jingle for new unlocks
    Some skills have specific jingles based on level/range (Strength, Hitpoints, Hunter, Construction, Summoning)
    Implemented furnace sound when crafting silver and gold jewelry at a furnace using moulds
    Implemented emptying sound for fishbowls
    Fixed cow milking sound so it plays for more than one bucket
    Implemented sound when pushing a canoe into the water from a canoe station
    Fixed quest complete jingles to play a random 1 of 3 quest jingles
    Implemented jingle that plays when changing clothes at Thessalia in Varrock
    Implemented jingle that plays when spying on a penguin
    Implemented jingle that plays on login with completed grand exchange offers
    Implemented sound when spinning items at a spinning wheel
  • Fixed deadlock regression in bots
    Added some runecrafting player scripts
  • Implemented timer subsystem to eventually replace pulses

    Authentic subsystem supports saving/loading arbitrary data and resuming timer countdowns
    Lots of documented CAPI functions for working with these new timers
    Converted poison to new timers
    Converted disease to new timers
    Converted farming to new timers (CropGrowth and Compost)
    Farming now syncs with 5 minute intervals on realtime clocks (authentic)
    Converted seedling growth to new timers
    Converted shooting star mining bonus to new timers
    Converted entity freezing to new timers
    Converted incubation to new timers
    Incubation now supports using both incubators (so 2 eggs at once)
    Converted miasmic states to the new timers
    Converted god spell charged state to new timers
    Converted teleblock to new timers
    Converted skulled state to new timers
    Converted Enhanced Excalibur special attack effect to new timers
    Converted passive stat restoration to timers
    Converted multicannon firing and decay to a timer
  • Added admin commands for getting and setting attributes

    ::getattribute [playername] attributename
    ::setattribute [playername] attributename value
  • Connected trollweiss mountains and dungeons, implemented NPCs
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in infinite death if more than one entity died in the same tick
  • Burthorpe Immersion Improvements

    Harrallak Menarous isn't sliding around the floor now
    Corrected Bernald's Dialogue to be the the one before Garden of Tranquility's quest
    Swapped Ocga and Penda's Dialogue (minor) because Penda is the crazy one in the bar
    Added drops for killing the Servant
    Made Eadburg the chef drops (bones only) and adjusted fighting values
    Adjusted guards attack animation
    Added Sam and Rachael the gamesroom barmaids
    Moved Bernald and Tostig's dialogue from Taverley to Burthorpe
    Swapped out default archers on level 2 castle to Burthorpe archers instead
    Reserve one archer on level 2 for Death Plateau later
    Added more examine texts
    Added Unferth as the new spawn and moved Ocga out of that house
    Updated Hild's dialogue
  • Agility Pyramid Fixes

    Can now properly fail the jump and cross gap obstacles
    Fixed an issue when failing the the 2nd level north cross gap obstacle when going west causing the player to get stuck inside the pyramid
    Fixed jump/cross gap obstacle sounds
    Fixed moving block obstacle audio so the sliding sound plays for all players within 3-4 tiles of the block when it moves
    Implemented music/jingle that plays when you get the pyramid top
    Updated all agility pyramid sounds to use the new playAudio ContentAPI function and constlib
    Added inauthentic gold reward from selling pyramid tops to Simon Templeton based on agility level. GP reward = 1000 + ((agility level / 99) * 9000). Can be toggled with server config option better_agility_pyramid_gp
  • Implemented safer fallback woodcutting rates
  • Minor quest function refactors
    Quest journal text improvements
  • Switched shooting star ring over to new quest requirement system
  • Shantay quick-pass now functions authentically
  • Implemented entrance to grand tree mine
  • Exception fixes

    Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause the sandwich lady interface to become unresponsive
    Fixed an issue that could cause shade random events to not spawn for max-level players
    Fixed an issue that could cause zombie random events to not spawn for max-level players
    Fixed a widespread book issue that resulted from not resetting the current page index when closing a book, and then trying to open another book with less pages.
    Converted bogrog pouch swap to the generic item select interface, and removed relevant code from the grand exchange code
    Fixed an issue that could occasionally prevent exchange of item sets
    Fixed an issue with Diango's reclaim interface that could result in items other than the ones you clicked being claimed
    Made incubation moderately more reliable, and incubation timers now pass even while offline
    Fixed an issue that prevented the leather crafting dialogue from accepting tokenized amounts (e.g. 100k)
    Fixed an issue that prevented the tool leprechaun interface from allowing tokenized amounts
    Fixed an issue that prevented players from using tokenized amounts in the ogleroot purchase dialogue for vinesweeper
    Fixed an issue that prevented Zaff's batttlestaff dialogue from accepting tokenized amounts
    Fixed an issue that prevented shop buy-x options from accepting tokenized amounts
    Various shop-related exception fixes
    Added some ingame player messages for when a Hunter "catch" option isn't being handled properly
    Fixed some exceptions being thrown by lunar spells
    Pyramid Plunder is now better at detecting when a player is in the minigame erroneously and kicking them out
    Fixed an issue that would lead to incorrect Kalphite Queen behavior when killing her with multiple players in the room
    Fixed an issue that could cause the Bedabin Nomad's dialogue to hang during Tourist Trap
    Fixed several more issues with Fight Arena cutscenes
    Fixed an issue that could prevent the dwarf dialogue from opening while trying to enter the mountain shortcut before finishing Fishing Contest
    Fixed an issue that could cause dialogue option hangs in certain unusual circumstances
    Fixed an issue that could result in non-movement for interactions where the override location was the same as the target node's location and there was no destination flag set
    Fixed an issue where setting invalid node data could cause issues with NPC rendering
    Server can now detect when a session is sending up multiple invalid packets and automatically disconnect the player
    Fixed an issue that could lead to unintended saving of varps/varbits
    Fixed an issue that could cause some interactions in shops to silently fail. The user will now receive a relevant message when these situations occur
    Users may now find they could occasionally receive a very snarky response when incorrectly using commands
    Users now receive messages when they try to make use of unimplemented friends/clan/etc features.
    Errors in string parsing will no longer result in "dead" inputs when attempting to add friends/update clan ranks/etc
    Fixed an issue that could lead to loss of some alerts in the Discord integration. Discord integration will now detect problems and queue the failed messages to be resent later.
    Added more safety checks to item-on-grounditem packet handling to prevent throwing exceptions
    Exceptions in string parsing for command packets will now inform the user that something went wrong, and ask them to try again.
    Improved drop table parsing and fixed incorrect drop tables
  • Added admin command ::expression for previewing facial expressions
  • Wilderness data updates

    Added level 14 scorpions to scorpion pit
    Added bones and headless arrow spawns to scorpion pit
    Fixed magic axes in small building and made them move (and replaced a mistaken snake in there too)
  • Implemented the herblore skill cape perk as described on the website - 15% chance to make a 4-dose potion
  • Updated readme to refer people to forums for support instead of discord
  • Only consume daily Ring of the Star Sprite teleport if the teleport succeeds
  • removeItem now validates item quantities prior to attempting removal
  • Removed erroneous print line in server startup
  • Improved performance of champion's challenge scroll handling
  • Implemented split combat levels

    A split combat level (e.g. 50+5) will be displayed for a player when the player is on a PvP world and does not have a summoning pouch or a familiar summoned.
    A split combat level will also be shown if the player is on a world with wilderness PvP enabled, the player is in the wilderness, and does not have a summoning pouch or a familiar summoned.
    If the world is a PvP world, display other players' combat levels in white if they are outside of combat range, or shades of green/yellow/orange/red if they are within combat range.
    If the world is not a PvP world, always display other players' combat levels in shades of green/yellow/orange/red.
  • Fixed disappearing key with full inventory in waterfall quest
  • Added periods to the EnchantedJewellery destinations
  • Added Sin'keth's diary
  • Any barrows brother not yet killed is now able to now spawn in the tunnels
  • Removed void spawns for flesh crawler and zombie
  • Reintroduced PvP to level 49 deep wilderness and above (beyond the gate)

    Traveling into the PvP area will auto-skull the player, but only whilst they remain in the area
    PvP in the deep wilderness does not apply a hard skull
    Deep wilderness soft skull is removed immediately upon leaving the deep wilderness
    Gates into the deep wilderness now give a warning about the danger of entering
    Gates allowing exit from the deep wilderness will not allow a player to leave if they are in combat
    The obelisk teleporter in the deep wilderness will not allow a player to use it if they are in combat
    All NPCs in the deep wilderness now drop PvP gear and brawlers
    The drop rate of PvP gear and brawlers in the deep wilderness has been boosted
    Fixed an issue that allowed PvP outside of explicit PvP scenarios
  • Fixed incorrect slayer requirements on spiny helmet
  • Implemented gnomish drinks
    Fixed cocktail drinking animation
  • Fixed Dragon Slayer quest typos
  • Refactored movement pulse
    Fixed bug with Vinesweeper gnomes not checking flags
    Fixed hunter tracking
  • Implemented summoning skillcape perk

    Pet Mastery: With your mastery of summoning familiars you have also learned the ability to teach pets to fend for themselves - they no longer rely on you for food. While the summoning cape is equipped your pet's hunger no longer increases (applies to all pets).
  • Added missing face expression to Greldo
  • Implemented Death Plateau quest
  • Added melee animation for jail guard
  • Locked moss giant pipe achievement behind requirements
  • Peer the Seer fixes

    Players can no longer enter with any items in inventory or equipped
    The full vase is now removed from the player's inventory when placing it on the frozen table
  • Corrected fancy dress shop items
    Added item config for key given during Prince Ali Rescue quest
  • Aggie is no longer looking so mean
  • Implemented a new playAudio function in ContentAPI.kt
    Implemented a new Send function in AudioManager.java
    Implemented KBD lair teleport levers lever operating sound using the new playAudio function
    Implemented KBD lair teleport levers pulling animation
  • Implemented water filling sounds for filling water vessels from all water sources
    Implemented specific bucket water filling sound when filling from a well
    Implemented emptying sounds for emptying vessels
    Implemented cow milking sound
    Implemented sound when smelting at a furnace
    Implemented sound when smelting cannonballs at a furnace
    Implemented sound when glassblowing
    Fixed herb cleaning sound
    Fixed regular wood door opening and closing sounds
    Implemented metal door/gate opening and closing sounds
    Implemented fence opening and closing sounds
    Added Camelot castle main gate in door_configs.json
    Fixed Sinclair mansion main gate to be a metal type door in door_configs.json
    Implemented drinking sound when drinking from a waterskin in the desert
    Implemented desert magic carpet travel take off and landing sound
    Implemented desert magic carpet travel jingle/music
    Fence around Falador cow farm is now properly identified as a fence and opens correctly
    Fence id 34780 is now properly identified as a fence in door_configs.json so it opens correctly
    Fence id 8810 is now properly identified as a fence in door_configs.json so it opens correctly
    Fence id 2050-2051 is now properly identified as a fence in door_configs.json so it opens correctly
    Fence id 1553 now has the correct open id in door_configs.json so it opens correctly
    Fixed music tracks Relleka(289), Saga(290), and Borderlands(291) so they now play in their correct locations
    Implemented jingle/music for sailing/chartering a ship(Trader crewmembers)
    Implemented jingle/music for sailing/chartering a ship from/to Port Sarim/Karamja
    Implemented jingle/music for sailing/chartering a ship from/to Port Sarim/Entrana
    Implemented jingle/music for sailing/chartering a ship from/to Relleka/Neitiznot
    Implemented jingle/music for sailing/chartering a ship from/to Relleka/Jatizso
    Implemented jingle/music for sailing/chartering a ship from/to Ardougne/Brimmhaven
    Implemented jingle/music for sailing/chartering a ship from/to Port Sarim/Pest control
    Fixed the music player to be more authentic. Now when songs end they will repeat instead of playing a random inauthentic song. The loop function now works correctly so the currently playing song will play endlessly without changing as the player moves.
    Implemented playJingle function in contentAPI.kt
  • Added attack requirement to Zuriel's Staff
    Added missing requirements for items received from treasure trails
    Delete unused range weapon configs
    Fixed inverted requirements for enchanted hat and top
  • Dialogues updated for non-quest NPCs in Burthorpe:

    Wistan the shopkeeper
  • Corrected Shaikahan animations and examine text
  • Implemented 3 unique books for Wise Old Man's house, books are located in the bookshelves in his house
    New Wise Old Man dialogue trees for books
    Implemented book for digsite quest
  • Fixed issue causing canoe stations to permanently lock players when interrupted
  • Corrected Fist of Guthix item requirements
  • Fixed bug where combat level didn't update after leveling a combat skill
  • Fixed an edge case when working with varbits that encapsulate the 31st bit of a varp
    Fixed health check of whiteberry bush
  • Hunter sound improvements

    Implemented setup, dismantle, and catching sound for bird snares
    Implemented setup, dismantle, and catching sound for box traps
    Implemented setup, dismantle, and catching sound for net traps
    Implemented setup, dismantle, and catching sound for dead falls
    Implemented setup and dismantle sound for rabbit snares
    Implemented butterfly net swing sound
    Implemented falconry fly and catch sound
    Implemented noose sound when catching kebbits
    Implemented setup, dismantle, catching, teasing, jumping over, and npc jumping over pitfall sound to pitfalls
    Implemented appropriate player lock time to setting up net traps and deadfalls to avoid players from interrupting the action
    Implemented appropriate player lock time to dismantling bird snares, box traps, net traps, rabbit snares and deadfalls to avoid players from interrupting the action
    Implemented a new function to play sound at a location
  • Unicorn stallion pouches now cost 140 shards instead of 203
    Hydra, Spirit Dagannoth, Unicorn Stallion, Wolpertinger, and Pack Yak pouches now consume pouches when created at an obelisk
    Implemented the song Animal Apogee to play at Taverly summoning obelisk, Piscatoris summoning obelisk, Natures Grotto obelisk
  • Added champion challenge
  • Implemented the thieving skillcape
    Removed inauthentic HAM robes pickpocket buff
  • Now able to empty poison, brews and serums
  • Improved clamping for force movement, fixes client crashes in Nature Spirit
  • Implemented Piscatoris washbasin water bucket filling
  • Temporarily evaluate all soft requirements as hard requirements (until the quest system is refined enough to properly leverage soft requirements), fixes inability to meet requirements when prayer is low
  • Removed obsolete GE files
  • Fight Arena bug fixes

    Added access to fightslave conversation through the prison wall
    Added drop for Khazard guards and General Khazard
    Added face location for each npc
    Added missing dialogues for each npc
    Corrected the quest complete interface
    Corrected quest journal text
    Fixed barman who didn't sell Khali Brew after completing quest
    Fixed center doors to arena (player no longer gets stuck in cutscene) and corrected walking through the door
    Fixed small head in dialogues for General Khazard
    Increased the time of dissapearing for Ogre, Scoprion and Bouncer 144 -> 300 ticks
    Lazy guard falls asleep and leaves the keys after being given khali brew
    Can get replacement keys if lost
    Sped up the camera movement for the bouncer and scorpion cutscene
    The sequence of entering the cell after the fight with the ogre has been sped up
  • Fixed some issues with incorrectly reading varbit values
    Fixed Dwarf Cannon quest
    Improved varp/varbit interface and handling
  • Implemented drop summoning pets
  • Fixed Sophanem southeast entrance requirements
  • Made it possible to claim Fremennik diary rewards
  • Fixed plank make without sufficient funds
    Fixed potions not taking doses in some cases
  • Fixed an exploit in surprise exam
  • Autocasting defensive spells now awards correct XP
  • Fixed bug causing Puro Puro implings to cluster in the north east corner
  • Removed vinesweeper rabbits' telekinetic powers
  • Fixed a bug that allowed use-with interactions to interrupt locks
    Fixed a bug that resulted in loss of seeds when interrupting planting
  • Clamp forcemovement values in packet to avoid divide-by-zero errors in the client
  • Added configurable limit for GE bot offers, now set by world.botstock_limit config (defaults to 5000)
  • Fixed a typo in Captain Lawgof's dialogue
  • Allow_aggro now persists across sessions
  • Fixed an off-by-one error in quest point checking