Plague City
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

Plague City is now available! Full list of changes in Gielinor as follows:

  • Implemented some books

    Abyssal book
    Astronomy book
    Gianne's cook book
    Instruction manual
    Binding book
    Shaman's tome book
    Nulodion's notes
  • Improved taunting the lesser demon in the Wizards' Tower
  • Fixed dialogue hang in Plague City
  • Added missing scrolls

    King's message
    Iorwerth's message
    Crumpled scroll
    Tattered scroll
    Dusty scroll
  • Fixed tutorial island's run tutorial not recognising the run button
  • Burthorpe immersion improvements

    Implemented the roaming Burthorpe soldiers dialogues, including random Latin insults
    Implemented the other soldiers/sergeants/archers/guards busy messages.
    All 10 soldiers in the square now face north towards their sergeant
  • Implemented Plague City quest
    Added dwellberries spawns to McGrubor's Wood
  • Implemented poison for bone dagger
  • Ensure corporeal beast takes half-damage from non-spears
    Ensure familiars enter the corporeal beast arena
    Corrected Vesta's spear attack rate
  • Barbarian super restore mix now consumable
  • Implemented Falador cannonball bot that contributes stock to the GE
  • Improved logout handling
  • Fixed a bug where farming assistant Githan would spawn for bots
  • Created a new ScrollInterface similar to BookInterface
    Implemented KnightsNotes in the new scroll interface
  • Improved lamp xp calculation
    Improved shop restrictions
    Fixed bugged Cyclops room teleport
  • Fixed Entrana glassblowing pipe house ladder where a player would get stuck between a ladder, chair, and desk
  • Player Stock is now cleared from the general store at an interval defined by world.playerstock_clear_mins (defaults to 180 minutes)
    Player Stock can now be recirculated back onto the GE as bot offers when cleared if world.playerstock_bot_offers is true (defaults to true)
  • Added Team-21 cape to William's Wilderness Cape Shop
  • Requirements Audit

    Added a new quest requirement system
    Ensured that all implemented rewards are obtainable, even if all requirements are not implemented
    Rewards that should have higher requirements than what is currently obtainable will have those requirements automatically increase as more quests are added
    The requirements for any quest can be viewed at any time by clicking it in the quest list
    Things that were previously locked/unavailable but are now available (with prereqs) are:
    - It is now possible to obtain and equip Barrow's Gloves with the Recipe for Disaster prereqs
    - It is now possible to obtain and equip an Ancient Staff with the Desert Treasure prereqs
    - It is now possible to enchant your secateurs into Magic Secateurs with the Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains prereqs and 40k gold
    - It is now possible to equip the Ancient Mace with the Another Slice of H.A.M prereqs
    - It is now possible to get Suqahs as a task from Duradel with the Lunar Diplomacy prereqs
    - It is now possible to obtain a Seal of Passage by speaking with Chieftan Brundt after meeting the Lunar Diplomacy prereqs
    - It is now possible to obtain Ancient Staves by killing the level 96 and 103 mummies in the Ancient Pyramid (1/500)
    Things that were freely available but are now locked include:
    - Sophanem now requires/requires the prereqs of Icthlarin's Little Helper
    - Pharaoh's Sceptre requires the same^
    - Equipping god books now requires Horror from the Deep/its prereqs
    - Neitiznot helmet now requires the Fremennik Isles prereqs rather than just Fremennik Trials
    - Cape of Legends now correctly requires the full possible prereqs for Legend's Quest rather than just 55 QP
    - Dragon Scimitar now correctly requires the Monkey Madness prereqs
    - Ape Atoll teleport now correctly requires the Monkey Madness prereqs
    - Slayer Helmet and the Slayer Rewards Shop in general now correctly require the Smoking Kills prereqs (not high)
    - Dragon Halberd now requires the Regicide prereqs
    - Climbing Boots now require the Death Plateau prereqs
    - Dragon SQ Shield now requires the Legend's Quest prereqs to equip (source available in sourcecode)
    - Initiate Armour now requires the Recruitment Drive prereqs
    - Proselyte Armour now requires the Slug Menace prereqs
    - Access to Piscatoris now requires the Swan Song prereqs (effectively Quest Cape here.)
    - The disease-free herb patch in Trollheim now requires the My Arm's Big Adventure prereqs.
    - Ardougne Teleport now requires the Plague City prereqs
    - Watchtower Teleport now requires the Watchtower prereqs
    - Trollheim Teleport now requires the Eadgar's Ruse prereqs
    - The Lunar spellbook now requires the Lunar Diplomacy prereqs
    - The Ancient spellbook now requires the Desert Treasure prereqs
    - Crafting Astral Runes now requires the Lunar Diplomacy prereqs
    - Crafting Death Runes now requires the Mourning's End Part II prereqs
    - Crafting Blood Runes now requires the Legacy of Seergaze prereqs
    - Access to Cave Horrors now requires the Cabin Fever prereqs
    - Sorceress' Garden now requires Prince Ali Rescue
    - Access to the Heroes' Guild now requires the Heroes' Quest prereqs
    - Access to GWD now requires the Troll Stronghold prereqs
    - Access to Neitiznot and Jatizso now requires Fremennik Trials
    - Access to Shilo Villa now requires the Shilo Village prereqs
    - The Keldagrim cart system now requires The Giant Dwarf prereqs
    - Fairy Rings now require the full Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains prereqs
    - Ectophial now requires the Ghosts Ahoy prereqs
    - Access to Tormented Demons now requires the While Guthix Sleeps prereqs
    - Access to the Halberd Shop and the ability to equip Dragon Halberds now requires the Regicide prereqs
    - Access to Lletya now requires the Mourning's End Part I prereqs
    - Access to Corporeal Beast now requires the Summer's End prereqs
    - Chivalry and Piety prayers now require the King's Ransom prereqs
    - Ali Morrisane's rune shop now requires the The Feud prereqs
    - Armoured Zombies now require the Defender of Varrock prereqs
    - Experiments now require the Creature of Fenkenstrain prereqs
    - The carpet to Sophanem now requires the Icthlarin's Little Helper prereqs
    - The carpet to Uzer now requires The Golem
    - The carpet to Bedabin Camp now requires The Tourist Trap
    - The bank in Sophanem now requires the Contact! prereqs
    - The Dragon Battleaxe now requires the prereqs of Heroes' Quest to equip.
    - The Dragon Mace now requires the prereqs of Heroes' Quest to equip.
    - Spirit shields of all varieties (improved, blessed, unblessed) now require the prereqs of Summer's End to equip.
    - Bork access now requires What Lies Below
  • Made ironman icons visible in clan and global chat (requires world.ironman_icons to be true)
    Authentic tormented demon safe spotting
    Added cannon restriction to tormented demon area
  • Added new field to item configs for overriding alchemy flag
    Fixed alchemy for Fremennik items
  • Made the Sheep Shearer wool collected count persist between logins
    Reorganised, expanded, and corrected the Sheep Shearer quest dialogue
  • Added Dagannoth hide to the Dagannoth drop table, same weight as Flattened hide and Stretched hide
    Changed Dagannoth drop "Oyster pearls" to "Oyster pearl"
  • Implemented jug of bad wine
  • Rewrote all the logic, encoding, etc for player/npc rendering masks (Animations, force movements, etc.)
    Groundwork for modular 578 support has now been laid (at least in regards to render masks)
    Introduced an improved and more accurate API for using force movement (the old API is still around, all of its methods marked as deprecated)
    Converted a couple example cases to using the new force movement API just as a proof of concept
    Added a method to tick/time conversion methods to convert between client cycles and ticks
    Added all authentically-named buffer read/write methods to the buffer class
  • Fixed the melee, defence and death animation of Port Sarim thief NPC
  • Fixed inaccurate dragon fire damage when shielded
  • Added some bot debugging support via the "Request Assist" option on bots
    Found and fixed the issue causing bots to get stuck or only interact with one thing
    Added some additional safety checks in the script processor
  • Removed unkillable dogs from slayer task
  • Fixed an issue that was leading to unreliable respawn mechanics on multi-behavior NPCs
  • Improved handling of skewered food
  • Implemented the proper interaction for low-alchemy option on the Explorer's Ring
    Implemented a generic item selection ContentAPI method
    Added ContentAPI method for running CS2 scripts
    Added development command for running CS2 scripts
  • Fixed bots putting inaccessible noted items on GE
  • Improved credit gain/loss message
  • Expanded the zone for the "Jump for joy at the beehives" treasure trail clue
  • Fixed construction issue that would cause objects to become inaccessible (note this does not fix a similar issue related to rotation)
    Simplified the region contract for construction
  • Implemented ::addxp command (admin), add xp to a skill
    Implemented ::charge command (admin), get and set the charge of an item
    Implemented ::setslayertask command (admin), set the slayer task npc with optional quantity
  • Can no longer water scarecrows
  • Removed Dorgeshuun crossbow requirements
  • Teleport fishing spots properly
  • Fixed facial expression in Onglewip dialogue
    Removed Seth from the game
    Fixed lamp text
    Added missing cow spawns
  • Added Hazelmere's Scroll
  • Implemented Draynor Manor agility shortcut
  • Removed DestroyItemPlugin and bundled functionality into DropListener
  • Converted Warriors Guild shot put hand dusting to kotlin
  • Removed some inaccessible NPCs
  • Implemented Falador diary task - place scarecrow
  • Fixed regression preventing potion decanting
  • Fixed a regression in the Witch's House where the fountain could not be searched after reading the book
  • Corrected examine texts for some raw fish/meats
  • Added missing animation to mountain trolls
  • Optimised, fixed and refactored container (bank/inventory/equipment) checks