Fight arena, blast furnace reopening and much more!
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

There are some big changes this update!

We have a new quest - Fight Arena is now available. Blast furnace has also reopened! Additionally, the job system in Lumbridge has been rewritten, construction has received some much needed love and there's still much much more!

Full list of changes in Gielinor:

  • Port Phasmatys ghosts now UwU when spoken to without ghostspeak amulet
  • Enchanting tiaras no longer removes incorrect items from the player's inventory
    Talisman type is now checked correctly when enchanting tiaras
  • Increased memory limit to 3G for java heap on gitlab pipeline builds
  • Pipelines now print their memory breakdown before builds
  • Players can now cut down jungle bushes while wielding a machete
    Added inEquipmentOrInventory function to content API
  • Fixed an issue where wizards would drop two bones
  • Corrected NPC stats for some trolls
  • Fixed many non-critical exceptions
    Fixed an issue that could result in server hang
    Added a new command ::npcsearch for searching for NPC IDs
  • Doubled max memory allocation for compiler to 2GB to fix heap allocation exceptions during build
  • Simultaneous logins now possible on servers using in-memory account storage
  • Priest in Peril fixes

    Journal entry now shows 50 rune essence
    Fixed grammar errors
  • Added drop table for jail guards in Draynor
  • Rewrote fruit cutting plugin as listener
  • Mr. Bones' Wild Ride admin command now accepts a player name argument
  • Impling changes

    Young impling puro xp 25 -> 20
    Magpie impling world xp 46 -> 216
    Ninja impling world xp 52 -> 240
    Magpie impling unstrung diamond amulet -> strung diamond amulet
    Dragon impling unstrung dragonstone amulet -> strung dragonstone amulet
    Dragon impling baby dragon bones weight 1-25 -> 100-300
    Dragon impling dragon bones weight 1-25 -> 50-100
  • Implemented authentic dragon axe special attack and enabled it by default, osrs style is toggle via worldprop world config dragon_axe_use_osrs_spec = true
  • Fixed construction issue relating to incorrect isloaded checks causing null scenery
    Fixed construction issue relating to houseregionid getting registered for dunegon id
    Fixed construction issue relating to teleports in houses
  • Overhauled the Lumbridge jobs system to be more authentic

    Added new class of job - bone burying
    Made the Task List item functional
    Overhauled the dialogues of all of the applicable employers to be more authentic to 2009
    Players must now return to the employer who gave them the job to turn it in
    Added development command ::clearjob to clear the player's current job
  • Re-enabled access to blast furnace
  • Converted lunar spellbook energy transfer to kotlin
  • Added attack sounds for bronze to dragon axes
  • Cats can now be fed cooked fish
  • Implemented blast furnace ore shop
  • Blast furnace code refactored
  • Random event teleport now stops player's action
  • Removed random chicken near tutorial island
    Swapped ogre NPCs near glider at Feldip Hills
    Chaos temple now has the authentic number and variety of monks
    Removed NPCs spawning in the void
    Adding missing zogre and skogre config, including adding to the respective slayer task
    Added missing crozier config
    Added training sword sound effects
  • Fixed Lumbridge milling achievement
  • Removed old degrading system for crystal bows
  • Fixed lag caused by repetitive region parsing from bot activity
  • Fixed a concurrent modification exception in event dispatch
  • Shopkeepers across Gielinor now have correct facial expressions, areas with improvements include Lumbrdige, Varrock, Draynor, Falador, Edgeville, Al-Kharid, Ardougne, Catherby and Mortaniya
    Fixed typos in the dialogues of various shopkeepers
    Individualized Varrock, Lumbridge, and Port Phastmys General Store to their own file
    Marked Fairy Shopkeeper as a shopkeeper so players can interact with her too (previously only the assistant was working)
  • Deleted disabled interaction related to unimplemented minigame
  • Fixed Varrock sword shop shopkeeper and his assistant not being able to speak
    Catherby's Vannessa no longer double prompts players about what they want to buy
    Varrock sword shop staff and Catherby's Vannessa now have correct facial expressions
  • Implemented Fight Arena quest
  • Updated Ancient and Lunar home teleports to use the correct animation
  • Fixed highwaymen dropping noted bones
  • Fixed bug preventing tipping/finishing of crossbow bolts with full inventory
  • Falador medium achievement diary task for lighting bullseye lantern can now be obtained
  • West Ardougne anvils now work
  • Fixed a regression where high and low alchemy spells no longer played any sound effect
  • Disabled interaction related to unimplemented minigame that was causing crashes
  • Fixed bug causing penguins to not load
  • Improved packet writing, should improve responsiveness when many players are online
  • Added combat sound effects to battleaxes
    Corrected crush animation for a few battleaxes
  • Fixed some issues that lead to indefinite shutdown times
  • Fixed autocast turning off after equipment swap