More changes in Gielinor
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

There have been some more changes in Gielinor:

  • Players can no longer walk where there is no map data
    Fixed an issue that prevented teleblock from being used in PvP
    Removed redundant code that prevented PvP looting in some instances
    Improved strictness of grave generation rules in regards to PvP
    Added nothing drop to the RDT (50% chance)
    Implemented ring of wealth effect on rare drops (removes nothing drop)
    Improved handling of nothing drops, preventing dwarf remains being awarded instead of nothing in some instances
    Added impling IDs to the ImplingNPC definition so all implings behave like implings
    Crystal shield and crystal bow now degrade
    Made cyclops room kickout on disconnect more reliable
    Fixed MTA Enchantment Zone items not adhering to the zone's rules
  • Repository reorganisation

    Unified kotlin and java into just src/main
    Unified the rs09 and core packages
    Took all content out of the core package, and placed it into the new content package
    Reorganised all source code relating to content to be easier to find and explore
  • Added handling for emptying cornflour pot
  • Fixed incorrect dialogue path in vinesweeper when buying flags
  • Implemented diary task for pickpocketing a Falador guard
  • Implemented salamander weapons
  • Added drop table for highwayman
    Added drop table for shantay guard
    Made highwayman diary trigger more specific
  • Added Snowy knights and Sapphire glacialis to Rellekka hunter area
  • Corrected enchanted top requirements and bonuses
    Removed soft clay from impling drop table
    Removed duplicated Eadburg and Servant NPCs from Burthorpe
    Corrected the position of Eadburg and Servant
    Corrected the position of the Burthorpe guards
    Corrected Burthorpe guard NPC ID
    Reoriented exterior Burthorpe archers to face each other
    Added animations and combat sound effects to Servant, Eadburg and Burthorpe guards
    Relocated 1st floor archers in Burthorpe Castle
  • Implemented ::xface command allowing the client to close any opened interfaces/dialogue
  • Fixed issue preventing pickup of dwarf remains in Dwarf Cannon
    Added more sophisticated debug varp printing
    Fixed issue preventing surprise exam rewards if player moves before reward is granted
    Voluntarily leaving a clan should now persist
    Fixed bug that would result in keeping the previous wand when purchasing MTA upgrade
    Fixed issue preventing proper teleport jewellery usage
    Fixed a bug that prevented manual casting of Ancient spells
    Added many sanity checks to death code and fixed a bug with delayed impacts
    Added dragon slayer requirements to Green (g) and Green (t) bodies
    Rewrote the "catchup" logic used for growing farming patches during missed playtime
    Fixed bug preventing fruit trees and berries from growing while logged out
    Summoning potion now correctly restores 25% of summoning special energy
  • Fixed last login time
  • Corrected magic xp gain in Enchanting Chamber to 75%, from 25%
  • Rewrote milling plugin as listener
  • Fixed a bug where opening a casket could remove the wrong one from the inventory
  • Fixed a bug that could cause item loss when depositing to a near-maxed bank stack
  • Moved the spawn point of the abyssal guardian 1 tile so that it is now reachable
  • Players can no longer get stuck between stairs and door used in Shield of Arrav
  • Fixed removing full stack of seeds when planting them
  • Removed giant rat from void
  • Added correct animations for alchemy if the player has a staff equipped
  • Corrected url typo in readme