End of Year update
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

Just a small bug fix update to wrap up 2022. Have a happy new year everyone!

List of changes in Gielinor:

  • Reworked logging framework
  • Removed inauthentic ladders
  • Add missing attack/defense animations to ogre club, blackjacks, mud battlestaff and steam battlestaff
    Replaced bugged climbing animation
  • Assorted bugfixes

    Corrected a confidential issue involving random events
    Added Lumbridge tree patch to the farming handler
    Rewrote seedling handling in new systems
    Fixed the incorrect definition for telegrab's spell ID
    Fixed an issue that prevented leaving a clan
    Close interfaces when applicable when a walk packet is received
    Made the penguin state more reliable
    Fixed a somewhat rare concurrency bug with the packet processor
    Refactored DialogueOption packet to ContinueOption, due to a revelation that it was not particular to dialogue
    Fixed a new, unreported issue with the stats interface
  • Fixed bug where some NPCs near the wilderness were incorrectly considered to be in the wilderness for aggression checks
  • Removed non-green-d'hide-bodies from the restricted items list for dragon slayer
    Merged the dragon slayer equip checks into the existing file for quest requirement checks
    Updated item equip checks to use new api methods
  • Fixed Rune Shield H1-H5 requirements, now requires 40 defense
  • Reworked dark warrior drop table
  • Enabled the woodcutting skillcape effect (nests are automatically collected into your inventory if you have space when dropped from a tree while woodcutting)
  • Corrected XP awarded for crafting tablets at lectern
  • Ranged ammo can now authentically be taken to Entrana
  • Reworked tree spirit drop table
  • Rewrote lumbridge guide dialogue
  • Fixed combat pathfinding bug that led to endless NPC "dancing"
  • Fixed the non-banking miner bot
    Non-banking miner bot will now drop power-mined tin ore
  • Fixed a bug when buying items from shops with a full inventory
  • Reworked Salarin the Twisted drop table
  • Added level requirements to void armor
    Corrected weight of void armor