Giftmas Event Update
Lead Developer


Merry Giftmas everyone! For the next month or so, extending well into January, you'll be able to obtain up to 20 giftmas presents per day.

  • Presents are awarded randomly, with a 1/15th probability of receiving a present every time you earn at least 25 XP
  • A maximum of 5 presents are obtainable daily from combat related experience
  • A maximum of 15 presents are obtainable daily from skilling related experience
  • Giftmas presents can only be opened during the event
  • Possible giftmas presents include (but are not limited to) toys, crafting materials, gems, seeds, coins and maybe an abyssal whip or santa hat if you're really lucky!

And as usual, new changes in Gielinor:

  • Reworked Paladin drop table
  • Reworked tormented demon drop table
  • Halved the chance of zombie's nothing drop from 8/128 to 4/128
    Added a Bronze axe drop to zombie drop table with a 1/32 (4/128) chance
  • Fixed packet decoder issue where bytes were read out of sequence
  • Implemented Christmas event giftmas
    Fixed a minor bug with the incoming packet processor
  • Replaced some discord references with forums
  • Sharks can now be caught with barb-tail harpoon
    Fixed incorrect animation when fishing with a barb-tail harpoon
  • Added decoding for player preferences (unused)
  • Added void knight mace animations
  • Added an Allotment Seed drop table
    Reworked Farmer drop table
  • Fixed a bunch of minor exceptions
  • Magic butterfly net is now one handed
    Magic butterfly net level requirement adjusted to 17 hunter
  • Removed duplicate message for quest completion for Sheep Shearer
    Removed duplicate message for quest completion for The Restless Ghost
  • Fixed wielding level requirement for dragon axe, no longer requires a woodcutting level to wield
  • Fixed flipped level requirements on Guthix bracers
  • Improved facial expressions in bank dialogue
  • Corrected flipped level requirement data for butterfly net and butterfly jar
  • Removed charms from rock slug drop table
    Fixed rock slugs dropping wrong type of mystic gloves
  • Fixed goblins dropping unusable coins
  • Implemented Doubling Money scammer bots at GE
    Converted some classes to Kotlin
    Fixed a trading bug when you removed an item, the modified slot would flash on the wrong side
  • Refactored the processing of incoming packets to do so synchronously on the start of the tick cycle (rather than being processed as soon as the packet is received)
    Decoupled decoding of packets from processing of packets, so that both 530 and 578 packets can be decoded into the same data structures and processed the same way
    De-spaghettied many things, e.g. farming and the poster in stronghold of player safety
  • Reverted last commit and fixed the root cause of package info issue
  • Fixed build warning by always generating package info for exec mojo
  • Removed additional inauthentic/inappropriate bot usernames
  • Reworked Kurask drop table
  • Reworked Rogue drop table
  • Reworked Thug drop table
  • Reworked Pirate drop table
  • Reworked Mugger drop table
  • Reworked Dark Wizard drop table
  • Reworked Gnome Guard drop table
  • Reworked Shadow Warrior drop table
  • Reworked Otherworldly Being drop table
  • Reworked Ice Warrior drop table
  • Reworked Earth Warrior drop table
  • Reworked Chaos Dwarf drop table
  • Reworked Dwarf drop table
  • Reworked Ice Giant drop table
  • Reworked Fire Giant drop table
  • Reworked Goblin drop table
  • Reworked Skeleton drop table
  • Reworked Lesser Demon drop table
    Reworked Greater Demon drop table
    Reworked Black Demon drop table
  • Now validating JSON files in Gitlab pipeline
  • Reworked Zombie drop table
  • Reworked Abyssal Demon drop table
  • Reworked Jogre drop table
  • Reworked Bloodveld drop table
  • Reworked Ork drop table
  • Reworked Gorak drop table
  • Reworked Jungle Spider drop table
  • Reworked Giant Spider drop table
  • Reworked Chicken drop table
    Reworked Knight of Ardougne drop table
    Reworked Hellhound drop table
  • Reworked Hero drop table
  • Reworked Man drop table
    Reworked Woman drop table
    Reworked Drunken Man drop table
    Reworked Jeff drop table
    Reworked Rusty drop table
    Reworked Narf drop table
    Reworked Cuffs drop table
  • Reworked Wizard drop table
  • Moved drop tables into dedicated folder (data/config/shared_tables)
    Added Rare Seed Drop Table
    Reworked Aberrant Spectre drops
  • Corrected Sumona teleport on slayer ring
    Improved authenticity of slayer ring teleport locations
  • Added skill requirements for skillcapes and hoods
  • Fixed Draynor bot theiving
    Fixed Draynor willow bots getting stuck
  • Dragon drop table rebalance

    Blue Dragon
    Red Dragon
    Black Dragon
    Bronze Dragon
    Iron Dragon
    Steel Dragon
  • Aviansies drop table rebalance
  • Chaos Druids drop table rebalance
  • Waterfiends drop table rebalance
  • Trolls drop table rebalance

    Mountain Trolls
    Thrower Trolls
    Troll Generals
  • Al-Kharid warrior drop table rebalance
  • Barbarian drop table rebalance
  • Fixed exception caused by using floating point numbers in secondary gem drop table