Happy Halloween!
Lead Developer


Happy Halloween everyone!

We will not have an event update this year. Instead, enjoy another fresh batch of bug fixes and code modernisation:

  • Added secondary drop tables

    Uncommon seed drop table added
    Gem drop table added
    Herb drop table added
    Reworked Green Dragon drop table
    Reworked Moss Giant drop table
  • Fixed adventure bots not pickpocketing properly
  • Updated SapCollect plugin to listener
    Corrected sap collection interaction to require a knife instead of a bucket
  • Updated SpiritShieldBless plugin to listener
    Updated ContentAPI to include a couple of new methods for handling dialogue options and actions
  • Updated CrystalKeyCreate plugin to listener
  • Removed unused CapeDyeing plugin (handled by CapeDyer)
    Fixed bug preventing use of orange dye on capes
  • Updated HairdresserCheese plugin to listener
  • Updated SandSource plugin to listener
  • Fixed The Restless Ghost skull interaction (again)
  • Fixed odd bug preventing check of non-combat level requirements when equipping items
  • Fixed bug preventing deposit of noted items already present in bank when bank is full
  • Updated PriestInPerilUse plugin to listener
  • Removed unused BurnMeat plugin (handled by CookingDialogue)
  • Updated KaramjaBananaCrate plugin to listener
    Moved "search" and "fill" interactions out of KaramjaOptionPlugin into new KaramjaBananaCrateListener
  • Updated EctophialFill plugin to listener
  • Updated ChestKey plugin to listener (applies to Pirate Treasure chest key being used on chest in Blue Moon Inn)
  • Removed unused WaterSkinHandler plugin (handled by WaterSourceListener)
  • Updated SwampHoleRope plugin to listener (applies to Lumbridge swamp hole)
  • Fixed adventure bots getting stuck south west of GE
  • Removed unused LadiKeliRope plugin (handled by RopeOnLadyKeli)
  • Updated TutorialFurnace plugin to listener
  • Updated PoisonFountain plugin to listener
  • Updated GWDEntranceRopeUsage plugin to listener (Note: this handles only the case where a rope is used directly on the hole; using the tie-rope option is handled by a separate plugin)
  • Updated CauldronOfThunder plugin to listener
  • Added Fenkenstrain experiment spawns, stats, examines, and animations
  • Converted the Corporeal Beast drop table to the 512 weight method

    Arcane Sigil 1/1280 -> 1/2560
    2000 Cannonballs 1/35 -> 1/30
    175 Onyx Bolts 1/35 -> 1/25
    Removed Blood Runes
    Removed 'Nothing' Drop
  • Added 4 plank spawns north of barbarian agility course
  • Fixed item config for another 200+ items

    Butterfly in jar (from hunter) made all tradeable
    Yak-hide armour & Fremennik round shield made tradeable, added examine text & weights
    All karambwan poison spear & hastas made untradeable
    Both Dragon chain armour kits made tradeable
    All FoG items with 0 charges are tradeable, the rest are not
    All Pirate items made tradeable, added examine text & weights
    All Stealing Creation items now tradeable
  • Fixed mithril grapples to only take 1 bolt instead of entire stack
  • Updated Giant Mole Drop Table

    Corrected Mole Skin drops from 1-6 -> 1-3
    Set Hard Clue Scroll to 1/128
    Removed RDT items and increased RDT chance
    Added Mithril 2h Sword
    Rebalanced Weights
  • Updated Chaos Elemental Drop Table

    Set Dragon 2h Sword to 1/127
    Removed Dragon Dagger
    Adjusted rune quantities
    Added Iron Arrows
    Removed Herb drops
    Swapped Anchovy Pizza with Plain Pizza
    Swapped 4-dose Super Potions with 1-dose Normal Potions
    Swapped Medium Clues with Hard Clues
  • Updated Cave Horror DT

    Set Black Mask to exactly 1/512 (Was 1/549)
    Readjusted weights
    Removed RDT items and increased RDT chance
    Replaced Medium Clues with Hard Clues
  • Barrows Brothers Stat Corrections

    Set Ahrim's Attack Speed to 5 ticks
    Set Ahrim's Max Damage to 20
    Set Verac's Max Damage to 24
    Set Karil's Max Damage to 21
  • Added ::poison debug command for testing
    Converted Cure Me to kotlin
    Converted Cure Other to kotlin
    Converted Translated Cure Group to kotlin
  • Hotfix players getting stuck after obstacles
  • Converted ChampionsGuildDoor to Kotlin + InteractionListener