Authentic Alchemy and more
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Greetings Explorers

There have been some more changes in Gielinor:

  • Added agility grappling shortcut from Catherby to Taverley (one way)
    Updated ContentAPI to have a method for checking if any item from a given set of items is equipped by the player
  • Unstuck green dragon bots

    Converted Edgeville <-> GE Shortcut to use Listener
    Made Green Dragon bots use that listener so they don't all get stuck outside the GE tunnel
    ::botinfo no longer requires moderator privileges
    Added option to ForceMovement that lets the entity stay locked
  • Implemented imp teleporting

    Added behavior to little red imps to allow them to teleport around
    Imps have a 1/10 chance on each hit of teleporting away
    Imps have a 1/75 chance on each tick of teleporting away
  • Update README to point to more up to date guides provided by the Wiki
  • Alchemy value now derived from item value (from cache)
    Removed all alchemy value overrides from item config json
    All items should now have authentic alchemy values
  • Fixed value parsing from item definitions
  • Kalphite Drop Table Updates

    Updated Kalphite Queen DT
    Set Dragon Chainbody to 1/256
    Set Dragon 2h Sword to 1/256
    Set Clue Scroll to 1/128
    Updated Kalphite Guardian DT
    Removed noted potato cactus drop
    Corrected rune armor drops
  • Adventure bots no longer get stuck at Falador wall, Draynor bank or east of Catherby
    Added moderator+ command ::botinfo that lets you see what a bot is up to
  • Fixed Earth Elementals dropping unusable coins
  • Removed some inappropriate and non-era-accurate bot names
  • Adjusted DTs for Dagannoth Rex, Prime, and Supreme

    Set Warrior's Ring to 1/128
    Set Berserker's Ring to 1/128
    Set Archer's Ring to 1/128
    Set Seer's Ring to 1/128
    Set Dragon Axe to 1/128
    Set Mud Battlestaff to 1/128
    Set Seercull to 1/128
  • Fixed ItemActionPacket which broke useWith in some situations

    Fixes Dwarf Cannon Quest
    Fixes Witch's House Quest
    Fixes Demon Slayer Quest
  • God Wars Dungeon DT Updates

    Adjusted General Graardor DT
    Set Bandos Chestplate, Tassets, and Boots to 1/270
    Set Bandos Hilt to 1/380
    Set Godsword Shards to 1/540
    Rewrote Sergeant Strongstack, Sergeant Steelwill, and Sergeant Grimspike DTs
    Set Bandos Chestplate, Tassets, and Boots to 1/4500
    Set Godsword Shards to 1/1500
    Adjusted Kree'arra DT
    Set Armadyl Helmet, Chestplate, and Plateskirt to 1/270
    Set Armadyl Hilt to 1/380
    Set Godsword Shards to 1/540
    Rewrote Wingman Skree, Flockleader Geerin, and Flight Kilisa DTs
    Set Armadyl Helmet, Chestplate, and Plateskirt to 1/4500
    Set Godsword Shards to 1/1500
    Adjusted Zilyana DT
    Set Saradomin Sword to 1/90
    Set Saradomin Hilt to 1/380
    Set Godsword Shards to 1/540
    Rewrote Starlight, Growler, and Bree DTs
    Set Saradomin Sword to 1/1500
    Set Godsword Shards to 1/1500
    Adjusted K'ril Tsutsaroth DT
    Set Zamorakian Spear to 1/90
    Set Zamorak Hilt to 1/380
    Set Godsword Shards to 1/540
    Rewrote Balfrug Kreeyath, Zakl'n Gritch, and Tstanon Karlak DTs
    Set Zamorakian Spear to 1/1500
    Set Godsword Shards to 1/1500
  • Fixed dialogue where player speaks instead of Kolodion
  • Lunar spell Fertile Soil translated to Kotlin
  • Fixed unneeded comma in item_config.json
  • Fixed over 500 items tradability, alch values, weights & examine texts

    All Canifis shop clothes
    All Kelgadrim shop clothes
    All Tree gnome shop clothes
    Infinity boots, rock-shell plate, couple of misc clothes, HAM, Fremmenik etc
    All (g) and (t) d'hides
    Every flatpack furniture & bagged plants + other misc items related to construction
  • Separated round and pointy shelled snail NPCs & gave each their respective shell drops, thus fixing the remaining uncompletable clue scrolls
  • Updated Dust devils drop table

    Removed ashes from 100% drops, supposed to only be bones
    Removed some items that are RDT only
    Removed duplicate steel axe
    Removed single Law rune drop
    Added extra entries for Fire runes & coins
    Some other small tweaks for authenticity
    Changed Dragon Chainbody to 1/32768
  • Fixed issues in Hetty's dialogue repeating in Witch's Potion Quest
  • Fixed bug with barbarian strength mix consumption, now decrements doses correctly
  • Fixed issue where gourmet impling was not moving
  • TzHaar Drop Table Changes

    Added Obsidian Charms to the 4 TzHaar units (Ket, Xil, Hur, and Mej) and their proper charm drop table
    Removed Obsidian Charms from the 4 TzHaar unit's main drop tables
    Filled in the empty space with increased Tokkul and Nothing drops
    Reset all Obsidian Items to 1/512
    Reset TzHaar-Mej-Tal to 1/4096
  • Implemented the authentic interaction with Abador Crank if you manage to enter morytania without Priest in Peril
    Corrected the teleother spell to play the correct graphics on the target