More Changes in Gielinor
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

There have been some more changes in Gielinor:

  • Added Roving Elves quest requirement to crystal gear equip
  • Crystal Equipment Changes

    Buying a new bow or shield from Islwyn will be "new" and tradable
    Recharging a crystal seed into either will be "full" and not tradable
  • Fixed bug where player could get unlimited glarial's pebbles
  • Reset the varpmanager on HCIM death
  • Fixed bug preventing completion of restless ghost quest
  • Added new content api method for stating a quest requirement
    Made Miscellania accessible with completion of Fremennik Trials via the fairy ring
    Locked Morytania locations behind Priest in Peril (both fairy ring and charter ship methods)
  • Corp Bugfixes

    Corp now correctly only destroys summons that have entered the boss room
    Corp destroys summons after exactly 10 seconds (source is cited on the line of code)
    Corp now repeatedly fullheals if there's no players active in the room (meaning you cannot just cannon it to death)
    You no longer get a grave if you die in the corp boss room
  • Added ::rules command so players can check the rules
  • Fixed a bug that prevented claiming the diary reward ring from Ned
  • Fixed clan quickchat
  • Made interaction listener typed interaction type more backwards compatible
  • Inferno adze now correctly deducts resource when burn effect triggers
  • Added half redberry pie spawn to pirate hideout
  • Fixed pathing to closest tile occupied by target scenery
  • Updated Clue Scroll Drop Rates

    Set Hellhound Hard Clue DR to 1/64 (Was 1/8)
    Set Saradomin Priest Hard Clue DR to 1/128
    Set Blue Dragon Hard Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/200)
    Set Red Dragon Hard Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/46)
    Set Black Dragon Hard Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/200)
    Set Bork Hard Clue DR to 1/128
    Set Goblin Easy Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/55)
    Set Al-Kharid Warrior Easy Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/37)
    Set Zogre Easy Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/28)
    Set Donny the Lad Easy Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/37)
    Set Rusty Easy Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/27)
    Set Vampire Medium Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/35)
    Set Leech Medium Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/21)
    Set Ork Legion Medium Clue DR to 1/128
    Set Green Dragon Medium Clue DR to 1/128 (Was 1/200)
    Added Corporeal Beast RDT to Loot Drop Pool
  • Improved superglass make behavior (bushtail)
  • Removed lots of dead code
  • Graves Rewrite

    Rewrote graves from scratch using new systems and abundant unit testing
    Fixed a race condition bug that would prevent classes implementing PersistWorld from properly... persisting
    Fixed a bug where graves were (still) too generous
    Fixed a bug where graves would not persist across server reboots
    Fixed a bug where graves would not recognize a relogged player
    Fixed numerous other bugs with graves, see the unit tests for complete coverage
    Grave system now supports quest requirements
  • Replaced coal truck mine scorpions with giant bats
  • Updated Wolf (lv 11) to have 10 hp
    Updated Wolf (lv 14) to have 15 hp
  • Bloated toads no longer bankable
    Implemented releasing bloated toads
    Updated ContentAPI slightly so that removeAll has more similarity to removeItem function and can be called in the same way
  • Elemental Workshop I Bug Fixes

    Corrected Elemental rock npc out of combat ai
    Players can no longer attempt to re-complete the quest
    Fixed listeners from user comments
    Added the elemental smithing animation and sound
    Added more special interactions
    Added author tags
  • Added cosmic rune spawn and water rune spawn in Frozen Waste Plateau
  • Fixed mining gem random reward logic to actually drop the gem if player inventory is full
  • Implemented The Golem quest
    Added new DialogueBuilder system
    Fixed bug where examinable scenery with no left-click options were null from RegionManager's perspective
  • Fixed issue where all 6 barrows brothers spawned at the chest
  • Greatly improved examine text handling and authenticity for various coin quantities on ground, in bank and in inventory
    Fixed clue scroll examine text crashing the client in some situations
  • Lost City Update

    Convert Lost City quest from Java to Kotlin
    Fixed certain weapons not being properly locked behind Lost City quest
    Fixed bugs in quest level requirements
    Zanaris entry fairy ring now returns players to the shed when they use it
    Warrior dialogue missing lines and facial expressions added in
    Fixed warrior dialogue issue, you can now start the lost city quest
    Fairy rings are now enabled when the lost city quest is complete and you are wielding a dramen staff or lunar staff
  • Removed obsolete "schedule" method causing undesirable death side effects
  • Added exemption for staff accounts in regards to daily account limit