Another round of bug squashing
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

As of this update, in-game player abuse reports are now functional. All reports will be read by staff.

Full list of changes in Gielinor:

  • Corrected grave timers
  • Fixed bug where swamp toads never respawned
    Set a respawn_delay for swamp toad npc to 34 ticks (20 seconds)
  • Fixed the exit tunnel teleport of Guthix/TDS cave to return the player to Lumbridge cave instead of lv50+ wilderness ladder
  • Added the ability to award credits from a CSV file with an ingame command (ADMIN)
    Added the ability to modify an individual user's credits (PMOD)
    Added ContentAPI methods for working with credits
    Corrected a source of syntactic confusion in the login decoder (no actual change in behavior)
  • Corrected leaf-bladed sword requirements to attack 50 and slayer 55
  • Corrected xp reward for thieving yanille watchmen
  • Fixed a potential exploit where pvp-specific behaviors were being taken into account for PvM, resulting in potential non-halberd melee safespots
  • Deduplicated drop table and npc config jsons
  • Re-added explicit Kotlin notice to README
  • Added worldprops option noauth_default_admin so admin-by-default can be disabled when use_auth = false, thus making it possible to have singleplayer builds where the player is not automatically given admin rights
  • Fixed beer keg effects, now authentically -40 attack and +10 str bonus
  • Pharaoh's Sceptre

    Charges now go down when used
    Examine texts corrected
  • Corrected DFS stats
  • Added missing prayer bonus to spirit shields
  • The Fremennik Trials Bugfixes

    Fixed various issues with using items on objects
    Quest log now pluralises votes
    Draugen no longer spawns multiple times
    Added pet rock interactions
  • Fixed mystic robe set level requirements
  • Updated shebang in build and run bash scripts to support freebsd
  • Implemented Report Abuse button - players can now submit reports to staff
  • Miscellaneous moderation QoL improvements
  • Made the PulseManager capable of running multiple pulses simultaneously, in different slots (this makes it function a bit more like an entity queue, though not quite)
    Fixed the dupe in the ectofuntus by demoting the action pulses for grinding bones from world pulses to individual pulses, and correcting a bit of the logic
    Added function to remove multiple attributes at once to the ContentAPI
  • Fixed payments for yew sapling protection
  • Finished migration to player UIDs
  • Drop table updates

    Updated Dagon'hai Monk DT:
    Added Black Robes
    Added Dark Wizard Hat
    Adjusted Fire, Earth, Body, and Mind Rune Drops
    Removed Rune Scimitar Drops
    Removed Rune Dagger Drops
    Removed Water Rune Drops
    Set Dagon'hai Robe Top, Robe Bottom, and Hat to EXACTLY 1/256
    Updated Visage Drop Rates:
    Adjusted Mithril Dragon and Skeletal Wyvern Draconic Visage drop
    Updated Zamorak Warrior DT:
    Adjusted Rune Dagger Drop Rate
    Adjusted Rune Scimitar Drop Rate
    Adjusted Coins Drop Rate
    Adjusted Nothing Drop Rate
  • Fixed rats dropping bones when killed outside of the stronghold of security
  • Cleaned up achievement diary code

    Previous-tier rewards are now automatically removed from the player when they claim the next tier
    Players can no longer claim rewards from previous tiers of the diary
    Fixed a bug in Red Beard Frank's dialogue that prevented him from granting a replacement if you lose your main item for that tier
    Added safety checks to ensure the player can only claim or reclaim (after losing) items from the highest tier of the diary that they have completed
  • Mining helmets can now be lit
    Dropping mining helmets extinguishes them
    Corrected the depleted ore model on tutorial island mining nodes
    Mining helmets examine now matches lit/extinguished state
    Fixed incorrect wolf animation
  • Fixed kyat fur ID mismatch in shop & updated prices to authentic values