Small Changes in Gielinor
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

There have been some small changes in Gielinor:

  • Changed GE database uids to account database format
  • Fixed typo in remote view dialogue (Sotuh -> South)
  • Fixed dialogue splitLines edge case
  • Fixed D'hide coif level requirements (all had swapped defense and ranged requirements)
  • Adjusted Steel, Iron, and Black Dragon Visage Drops to 1/10k (had rounding errors)
    Rebalanced Black Guard Clue Scroll Drop Rate
    Rebalanced Knight of Ardy Clue Scroll Drop Rate
  • Implemented Gabooty's drink shop
  • Updated Corporeal Beast Drop Table

    Removed RDT Items
    Added RDT Chance
    Added Regen Bracelet (1/170)
    Added Mystic Staves
    Added Mystic Robe Top and Bottoms (Blue / White)
    Added 100 Teak Planks (Noted)
    Added 75 Magic Logs (Noted)
    Added 150 Mahogany Logs (Noted)
    Adjusted Coin Drops
    Added 100 Green Dragonhide (Noted)
    Fixed Death Rune Total
    Adjusted Spectral and Arcane Sigils to 1/1280
    Adjusted Elysian and Divine Sigils to 1/2560
  • Beaver, void spinner, macow, magpie, spirit terrorbird, ibis, war tortoise, bunyip, fruit bat, unicorn stallion and pack yak familiars will no longer attack back if the player is attacked
  • Added drop tables for wandering earth elemental and earth elemental
    Fixed evergreen trees rewarding multiple logs per spawn
    Adjusted suqah stats
    Removed Ancient staff from mummy drop table (we need desert treasure quest first, and it's not a normal drop)