Tree Gnome Village & More
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

This update features numerous fixes, improvements and a new quest - Tree Gnome Village.

Please note the new daily account limit, you may only log into a maximum of three different accounts per day. This limit may be adjusted as required without notice.

Full list of changes in Gielinor this month:

  • Fixed pest control spinner NPCs returning to spawn and becoming unattackable (pest control now playable again)
  • Corrected high alch delay from 3 ticks to 5 ticks
    Made high alch correctly interrupt any actions other than movement
  • Fixed some light formatting issues with the new README
  • Removed duplicate messages when achieving level 99 in a skill
  • Improved readme
    Removed broken windows intellij server runner config
  • Implemented carved evil turnip
  • Fixed incorrect wilderness level calculation
  • Fixed a bug with usewith listeners where the ids could be flipped in inappropriate contexts
  • Implemented configurable daily account limit per world, defaults to 3 (daily_accounts_per_ip in worldprops)
  • Rune essence mine teleport graphics/sequence now authentic
  • Implemented Tree Gnome Village Quest
    Added Tree Gnome Village Quest requirement to Spirit Tree Network
    Rewrote GnomeSpiritTree Plugin (converted to listener)
    Added authentic "Local Gnome" NPC spawns
  • Implemented basic pet rock on pressure plate interaction
  • Rewrote Ava's device handling

    Rewrote the handling for both the accumulator and the attractor in new systems
    Fixed a bug that would cause the devices to attract unwanted items at inappropriate times
    Fixed a bug that prevented equip listeners from firing on login
  • Fixed server crash caused by HCIM death
    Fixed NPEs thrown by packet write queue
    Fixed rare concurrency issue with packet write queue
  • Corrected combat level calculation for mage and ranged base
  • Fixed disappearing treasure trails caskets
    Re-enabled and fixed treasure trails wizard spawning
  • Rewrote splitLines using Test-Driven Development, words should no longer get lost
  • Fixed Zamorak GWD slayer task classifications

    K'ril Tsutsaroth and Zakl'n Gritch are Lesser demons
    Balfrug Kreeyath is a Black demon
    Tstanon Karlak is a Greater demon
  • Removed GildedAltarPlugin (actual gilded altars are handled by BoneOfferPlugin)
  • Included missing attack speed in item configs for mithril crossbow and phoenix crossbow
  • Added some static analysis tools to the build, fix a few bugs found
  • Skill requirements no longer ignored for Fremennik Trials and Lost City
  • Updated the ingame rules screen to specify that bypassing AFK is an unfair advantage
  • Fossegrimen now recharges all out-of-charge lyres
  • Fixed Ectophial emptying when used while teleblocked
  • Setting i_want_to_cheat to true now allows cheaters to use all commands
  • Corrected stock/config for shops supplying vials
  • Fixed an issue where falconry pulse could be interrupted, causing falcon to go missing
  • Changed staff of fire animations to match those of other element staves
  • Fixed PVP equipment not fully disintegrating
    Fixed tool leprechaun ignoring teleblock
    Fixed invalid cast in fight caves NPCs
    Fixed skulled deaths being treated as normal deaths outside the wildy
    Fixed NPC talk option interrupting combat
    Removed Elemental Shield from Zaff's shop
    Quest-locked Elemental Shield
    Made sure HCIM can't deiron
  • Fixed dramen tree despawning
  • Implemented CI/CD pipeline for automatic MR builds (but not tests yet)
    Bumped version of build plugins to latest
    Increased maven build heap size to 1024m as builds were starting to run out of memory
    Added missing version number to build plugin, fixes build warning