Elemental Workshop I and more
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

With this update, we see a new quest added - Elemental Workshop I. We also now have the much wanted seaweed man - Arhein.

Full list of changes in Gielinor:

  • Swapped teleports for Clan Wars and Wilderness Volcano on games necklace (they were inverted)
  • Abyss Improvements

    Implemented random Abyss teleport, with corresponding rotation for the obstacles
    Added visuals for passing through abyss obstacles
    Teleport location is now uniformly distributed - any angle around the outer ring has equal chance
    Fixed bug where abyss obstacles would send you to the wrong locations in the inner ring
    Fixed inferno adze not working on tendrils
  • Auth Configurability Improvements

    Decoupled the no-auth authenticator from dev_mode setting
    Decoupled the in-memory storage provider from dev_mode setting
    Decoupled the no_auth authenticator from the in-memory storage provider
    Bonus: included an extremely useful dump that lists all linked models/anims/gfx
  • Fixed bracelet of clay charge counting (now uses an attribute)
    Removed GatheringSkillPulse
  • Corrected plant pot ids for trees
  • Vinesweeper improvements

    Added missing animations
    NPCs perform their animations and chatlines in proper sequence and timing
    Added in the 2 other colors of bunnies, so now all 3 colors of bunnies are present
    Added in 3 new use-with item interactions: spade on hole, flag on hole, ogleroot on bunny
    Prevent bunnies from being double dipped for hunter XP
    Planting a flag now locks the player for the duration of the animation
  • Fixed TzHaar banker TzHaar-Ket-Zuh
  • Improved region handling

    Deep copy scenery for build region chunks
    Now clearing clipping and projectile flags when entering a dynamic region
  • Added missing eastern larupia pit
  • Implemented Elemental Workshop I quest
  • Fixed using bones on stray dog varrock easy diary task
  • Added cheat option for singleplayer - in Server/worldprops/default.conf set i_want_to_cheat to true for GE autobuy/autosell
  • Fixed the listener for Shamus Tree (fixes lost city quest)
  • Added a generous debug message for when saving doesn't work due to use of incorrect java version
  • Corrected the shop stock for Lowe's Archery Emporium
  • Removed Consecration seed from Moss giant drop table
  • Implemented Arhein daily pineapple purchase
    Implemented Arhein daily seaweed purchase
    Implemented NPCItemMemory data store for periodically resetting maps of players to npc:item pairs
  • Fixed exploit with command privileges
  • Corrected prayer level requirement for equipping Spirit shield
  • removed redundant gitlab templates