Toad Inflation
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

A new quest is available - Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Full list of changes in Gielinor:

  • Refactored pulse running logic, made it easier to follow and debug
    Made the pulse runner use thread-safe collections instead of synchronizing on a thread-unsafe list
  • More bank reworks

    Updated dialogues for non-standard banker NPCs
    Sirsal Bankers now have their own dialogue plugin that prepares us for possible Lunar Diplomacy quest implementation
    Thrown out the legacy Java dialogue plugin for standard banker NPCs
    Added a dialogue for the Bounty Hunter roving banker
    Fixed broken bank option on some bankers
    Fixed Eniola not charging players 20 runes of one type for each banking session
    Limited secondary bank capabilities to stationary bankers, i.e. those who have either a desk, a table or a booth available nearby
    Added ContentAPI calls related to bank interfaces and Ironman mode checks & restrictions
    Streamlined dialogue creation by limiting the amount of boilerplate required
    Changed the plugin loading logic so that it informs the dev why a dialogue plugin might've failed to load in addition to not preventing other plugins being loaded when one fails to do so
  • Fixed issue in Millie Miller's dialogue where Millie would say the player's dialogue
  • Rewrote README.md
  • Implemented the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest
    Implemented the toad inflation Distraction & Diversion
  • Fixed Vinesweeper bunnies so that you can't spam click them for hunter XP
  • Updated the farming patch inspect option so that it no longer tells players that water is needed in dead, diseased, fully grown, or empty patches
  • Added item config for keys used in the waterfall quest
  • Added Bonemeal examine texts
  • Fixed SpellCastEvents not being dispatched properly

    Fixes achievement diary tasks that trigger on spell cast
  • Fixed incorrect slayer tracker icons
  • Fixed Millie Miller dialogue not progressing
  • Rewrote String Jewellery lunar spell