The next Easter Egg
Lead Developer

Hello everyone! We're back with another edition of "News post". This isn't our typical News post where we discuss the current updates going on within the game. It is your community post discussing changes and upcoming stuff within the community.

Easter Event

Of course, I am going to start this post with talk about our Easter event that started on April 15th. This will be our second Easter event in 2009scape. April of 2020, was basically the true beginning of this server and April of 2021 news event can be found here.

While walking through the grand exchange admiring the adventure bots you notice something glowing

As you approach the object you notice it seems to be a container


You have two weeks from this moment or the world will be erased, stop the super egg from siphoning the energy from Gielinor and every adventurer that does their part will be rewarded

Ryan faints as the voice booms

You look as the container opens containing an incredibly daunting task ahead, can we solve it in time?

As the quote above talks about solving the puzzle you will have the chance to work together to go through the trials that Kermit has in place. I really hope everyone can come together and enjoy this great event for the super egg!

Do note that there is a discord channel where people are talking amongst each other to figure out the word search. However, if you do not use Discord and would like to participate in the word search check this collaborative wordsearch site here

If you do participate, you will recieve a new discord role for the event called the Super Egg 2020 role.

Staffing Changes

We have had a few people get "demoted" but for nothing bad. They were just inactive and do have the chance of getting back in their role. This is not guarenteed since newer people are always considered for a position but for now we have at a good spot with staff.

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you should have noticed that Ryan is no longer a regular member of the community. He was chosen to be Community manager. Unlike our previous Community managers including myself, Ryan is also the new sysadmin. Ceikry left that specific role when he took a vacation from the project. Ryan will more than likely stay this position until the day he leaves.

While our community was changing as well we had recruited a new developer to the team. Downthecrop has made a decent amount of changes to the website such as the drop table tool and the jekyll addition for a more automated website. He has made slight server fixes as well including creating a mobile client for us to use. If you would like to learn more about the mobile client click here

Bushtail has saved the day in the tech support by taking the Windows issues out of our hands and into his very own. He will run the Live Server Help section for troubleshooting questions.

Last but not least we have recruited a new helper/moderator to join our fields to make sure things are kept cleaned up. If you have any questions please make sure that you are asking them or using the discord search bar. Please do not spam their inbox.

Contributors! To the Tributes!

Over the next week or so I will be updating the contributors ingame to have their clan chat rank. I know it's not much! but it's a small way to show that you are special to us! While all our players are absolutely amazing, we do have a love for people who contribute. If you would like to see where we are currently at with bugs and content being worked on check out the built in trello board that Gitlab has here. The tributes page has also been updated to include all of the new contributors. Thank you so much for all the support!

Client Changes

Thanks to one of our newer contributors, Pazaz, this update brings improved minimap quality, fixed sound effects (like eating, dropping items), fixed anti aliasing (with ability to push it further to 8x or 16x but you'll probably need a good graphics card for these to perform well), improved water transparency, much improved fullscreen experience and updated graphics libraries. You can toggle the 8x/16x override for anti aliasing and minimap filtering in the launcher settings. Alternatively the 2x/4x ingame antialiasing options will now work if you wish to use these instead (leaving the override in the launcher at 0).