Big Changes in Gielinor
Lead Developer


Greetings Explorers

A lot has changed over the last month resulting in a pretty beefy update. Thanks to redwood for their contributions. This update brings a few new quests, music to our ears (literally, check the SFX changes), fixes, reworks and other brand new content. A full list of the changes are below:

  • Temporarily disabling Blast Furnace
  • Corrected TFT method call
  • Fixed some ContentAPI issues introduced by !410
  • added unique Zandar Horfyre NPC dialogue and interaction
  • Refactored god item definitions to be more general purpose
  • Fixed achievement related NPEs in ClimbActionHandler
  • Improved the behavior of trying to interact with moving entities (such as tool leprechauns, pick-pocketing farmers, etc.)
  • Implemented make-x for potatoes/pizzas/breads
  • Can now catch implings with use of a hunter potion
  • The Fremmenik Trials quest has been completed, now accesible in-game
    Barrows prayer drain timer standardized to 18 seconds

    Giant Mole's Burrow mechanic corrected in functionality. Burrow: When the mole's health is between 5-50%, there is a 25% chance for any incoming attack to cause it to burrow away into another location. There is also a chance that the dirt she digs while burrowing to escape can extinguish the player's light source (shown with dirt splatters on the player's screen), though covered light sources will be unaffected by this.

    Mole Lair's unique music track now correctly plays across the entirety of the Mole Lair region

    Giant Mole droptable corrected. Egregious RSPS noted secondary drops removed. G. Mole can now correctly drop random Hard Clues, and the 100 Iron Ore (noted) drop has been added.

    Hostile Random Events return! Tree Spirit, River Troll, Rock Golem, Shade, and Zombie Hostile Random Events rejoin the Evil Chicken in their AFK-anihilation onslaught! Beware!

    Mounted Glories now have full right-click Teleport options

    You can now build an Obelisk inside your POH at 41 Construction, as the centrepiece spot inside a standard Garden room

    Can now trade in Long and Curved bones to Barlak in the Dorgeshuun Mine (temporary location for now) for Construction EXP (after completion of The Lost Tribe)

    Ridiculous amounts of funky fresh new NPC dialogues by Q in the following areas: LLetya, Isafdar, Ardougne, Witchaven, Ape Atoll, Miscellania, Dorgeshuun, Zanaris and many many many more!

    Potion decanting note bug should now be fixed and not eat up all your notes when attempting to decant

    Weapon Poison addition and removal fixes

    All currently functional Summoning familiars with invisible skills boosts are now correctly added to the game! Pyrelord, Forge Regent, Arctic Bear, Lava Titan, Magpie, Spirit Graahk, Spirit Larupia, Spirit Kyatt, Void Ravager and Wolpertinger now boost skills alongside their other helpful abilities.

    The Mining Guild can now be entered under 60 Mining via the use of skill boosts

    The Lady of the Lake will now finally enhance Excalibur for you if you have the prerequisite Seers Hard Diary and Merlin's Crystal completed, and the headband and sword equipped when talking to her.

    Can now fish slimy eels

    Restored the removed/regressed/whatever Bot Dialogues!

    All Ancient Warriors' Equipment (Vesta, Zuriel etc) is now correctly tradeable and droppable in its un-degraded form

    Some hat clipping fixes

    Fixed blanket Wilderness aggression forcing even non-aggressive monsters to be aggressive

    Fremennik helmets (eg: archers, warriors, etc) now locked behind Fremennik Trials Quest

    Added the following SFX:
    giant mole combat sfx
    water elemental combat sfx
    fire elemental combat sfx
    earth elemental combat sfx
    air elemental combat sfx
    baby blue dragon combat sfx
    baby red dragon combat sfx + examine
    baby black dragon combat sfx
    black demon combat sfx
    dark beast combat sfx
    dust devil combat sfx
    gargoyle combat sfx
    fire giant combat sfx
    moss giant combat sfx
    hill giant combat sfx
    nechryael combat sfx
    turoth combat sfx
    kurask combat sfx
    wallasalki combat sfx
    yak combat sfx
    abyssal demon combat sfx
    bloodveld combat sfx
    cave crawler combat sfx
    Digging with spade SFX added
    abyssal leech combat sfx
    abyssal walker combat sfx
    void brawler combat sfx (pest control)
    chaos elemental standard combat sfx (NOT spells)
    cockatrice combat sfx
    crawling hand combat sfx
    crocodile combat sfx
    void defiler combat sfx (pest control)
    lesser demon champion combat sfx
    elf warrior combat sfx
    ghoul combat sfx
    ghoul champion combat sfx
    jelly combat sfx
    pyrefiend combat sfx
    void ravager combat sfx (pest control)
    rock lobster combat sfx
    rockslug combat sfx
    void shifter combat sfx (pest control)
    void spinner combat sfx (pest control)
    void splatter combat sfx (pest control)
    void torcher combat sfx (pest control)
    starlight combat sfx (GWD: Saradomin Melee Minion)
    growler combat sfx (GWD: Saradomin Mage Minion)
    Picking herb/harvesting crop SFX added
    Planting a seed with seed dibber SFX added
    Digging up patch with a Spade SFX added
    Raking a patch SFX added
    Watering a farming patch with a Watering can SFX added
    Using a Plant Cure on a diseased patch SFX added
    Pouring Compost/Supercompost on a farming patch SFX added
    Filling Compost Bin SFX added
    Opening and closing the Compost Bin SFX added
    Filling buckets with Compost from the Compost Bin SFX added
    Chaos Elemental's three unique spells (Discord, Madness, and Confusion) now have correct impact sfx when hitting the player

    Standard Seed Bird's Nest loot pool corrections

    Ring Bird's Nest loot pool corrected

    Wyson Bird's Nest loot pool corrected

    Wyson Bird's Nest loot quantities corrected

    Fixed tick delay on Fletching bows and crossbows

    Chaos Elemental Drop Table Overhaul

    Chaos Elemental's Main drop table has been overhauled to correct items, amounts, and (close-enough) weights

    Chaos Elemental's Minor drop table added, using Item ID 799 as an item container

    Chaos Elemental now correctly rolls 1 minor drop and 1 major drop from its minor/major loot tables when it is killed.

    Restrict Dwarven Multicannon use inside Fremennik Slayer Cave
  • updated cache for obelisk and mounted glory amulet
  • Reduced the level 14 stronghold of security wolf health from 69 to 15, fixes #101 (authenticity fix)
    Set examine text for wolves
  • BF now saves the oreinpot attribute, fixing the bug of people not being able to smelt if they fill the BF with ore and coal and logging out before smelting
  • Added support to the ActivityPlugin system to set a safe respawn location
    Fixed pest control deaths sometimes respawning in Lumbridge
    Admins can now kill themselves with ::killme
  • Fixed Ogre and Lesser Demon slayer tasks using boss names
  • Rewrote the water sources plugin into a listener and properly handled wells
  • deleted deprecated changelog file
  • Dark bow and crystal bow now have 10 square range (authenticity fix)
  • Fix make-all option for using the pestle and mortar on herblore secondaries
  • Authenticity fix for saradomin brew (added bias to linear formula). Fixes #304.
  • Implemented regen brace
    Fixed timing of stat decrementing
    Saradomin brews can now lower stats all the way to zero
  • Fixed cannons spamming chat about how you're already in combat or that they can't attack your familiar
    Improved nechryaels' death spawn multicombat handling
    DFS now works on skeletal wyverns' ice breath
  • Fixed bug where quest progress could revert
  • Fixed doors getting stuck "in use"
  • Implemented Monk's Friend quest
  • Fixed defense potion requirements - now requires white berries instead of fur
  • Changed bone spear from 2 handed to 1 handed (authenticity fix)
  • Added bones drops to Flockleader Geerin and Wingman Skree
  • Items can now be dropped and used in pyramid plunder
  • Runecrafting improvements:
  • Oil lantern firemaking requirement changed from 29 to 26 (authenticity fix)
  • Added positional audio support
    Added positional audio for combat and cannons
    Added numerous missing audio effects for various item equips and charge spells
  • Removed Chaeldar's slayer requirement (authenticity fix)
  • Updated documentation to reference new server config file type
  • Add InteractionListener.onUseWithWildcard.
  • user is now notified that slayer tasks from Turael do not award points
  • command list is now sorted in alphabetical order
  • rewrote plank make lunar spell, now authentic and has sound effects
  • failing to enter gwd boss room no longer consumes faction kill count
  • Corrected dagannoth charm drop rate
  • improved silver smelting (with moulds) pulse handling
  • automated update releases