Server stability & More


Hello everyone! This is a patch to roll back some changes to the 2009Scape server core. A few bug fixes and authenticity improvements have been added too. The server experienced some pretty frequent downtime in the last month. We appreciate the patience of our community as our current project lead ryannathans worked to diagnose the issue. Hopefully this patch will get our normally very consistent uptime back to what we know.

Authenticity Improvements

  • Fix incorrect message when trying to repair blast furnace without a hammer
  • Can now travel on free charter boats without having coins in inventory
  • Set magic dart base xp to 30
  • Can now pickpocket women in ardy (id 25)
  • Fishing Guild is able to be entered with a fishing skill boost
  • Removed range strength and prayer bonus from god armour

Adventure Bots

  • Fix Pest Control bots and a number of other potential issues with various bot functionalities
  • Fix Adventure Bots pooling/stuck in Lumbridge after death

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Edgeville canoe -> wilderness pond
  • Fix Edgeville Dungeon Wilderness gate getting stuck
  • Emerald and diamond bracelet enchants no longer produce noted items
  • Prevent Blast Furnace temperature from going negative and deduplicate bar handling
  • Fix player saves for players who used coal on the conveyor belt before bf-fixes

Backend Changes

  • Carefully revert some core changes introduced after Dec 15 release, this should resolve current stability issues
  • Removed server monitor as it was blowing up in headless environments