January update


Happy New Year to everyone in the 2009Scape community. The project has been seeing a lot of activity with new code and Request for Comment polls for content revisions and changes. Make sure you join the Discord to stay up to date and know when to cast your votes!

Family Crest

The Family Crest is our latest and 38th quest added to 2009Scape. Help the Fitzharmon brothers retrieve their crest and be rewarded with a pair of skill imbued gauntlets! Special thanks to Crash and aweinstock for making this happen.

  • Note: You can begin this quest by speaking with Dimintheis in south-east Varrock.

Blast Furnace

Another minigame has been implemented! Head to Keldagrim to try it out and get some great Smithing xp! If you need a tutorial to get started, a helpful and era authentic tutorial is provided!

  • Blast Furnace minigame added!
  • Requires 60 Smithing to use, but you can pay 2.5k GP to buy 10 minutes of Furnace Fun if you are below the Smithing level
  • To use various functions of the furnace, you will need 30 Agility, Firemaking, and Strength
  • Ordan can also now un-note Adamant and Rune at a very high GP price

Seers Village Diary

With the inclusion of the Family Crest, all current Seers Diary steps have been fixed up and made completable!

  • Seers Diary Easy/Medium/Hard now fully completable, and able to obtain the Enhanced Excalibur

A special thanks to Punk & Crash for contributing the Seers Diary, Blast Furnace and more!

Hardcore Ironman Rework

Our community has voted to implement some changes to the Hardcore Ironman (HCIM) game mode.

These changes only apply to hardcore ironmen created AFTER December 15th 2021.

New HCIM will get a truly single life experience. Death is permanent. There is NO continuing as a normal ironman. #227

  • On death, your account is completely wiped.
  • Hardcore Ironmen are the only account type permitted to play on 10x experience.
  • "Safe Deaths" in minigames and related activities are still safe.

If you can handle the challenge, there is an ongoing event in the #pdim-bingo channel. Event rewards and information pinned!

Shooting Stars

  • Shooting star discovery bonus xp is now gradually disbursed instead of lump-sum.
  • Stars now have bots that will spawn and help mine for stars higher than level 5. #225

Summoning Quality of Life

  • Allow renewing summoning familiars, and make BoBs drop items on dismissal even if their owners are ironmen.

Additional Bank Space

The poll has finally passed! Secondary bank accounts are now available for purchase for 5M. #251

  • For a hefty 5M GP fee, you can open an additional bank account, switching at a bank teller, increasing your bank space total to a whopping 992 bank spaces!

Authenticity Improvements

  • Fishing and fishing trawler now use closer-to-empirical formulae.
  • Fix Wine of Zamorak pickup interaction.
  • Static clue drop id's replaced with their level appropriate proxy values
  • Daily Battlestaves from Zaff now cost 7k.
  • Cannon Ball smiting rewrite and animation improvements
  • Enhanced Excalibur now has its correct special attack, healing over time for 20HP.
  • Barrows equipment now lasts for 15 hours of combat instead of 40 minutes of combat.
  • Ruby bolts special attack damage have been properly uncapped, and the Corporeal Beast-specific maximum damage cap has been added, capping the spec damage against Corp to a maximum of 100 damage.
  • Add Mort myre stems and pears to bloom's effect, and add the sound effect for bloom.
  • Add proper sound effects for the explorer's ring and fix Leaf-bladed sword's sound effects.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix granting HP xp on controlled
  • Spending points to cancel your slayer task no longer sets your task streak to 0.
  • Fix a bug where clue scrolls were rerolled to easy for most NPCs

Backend & Project Changes

  • Implemented server performance monitor, many performance improvements
  • Server configuration language has been changed from JSON to TOML.
  • Split Server and Client into separate Git repositories. Cache moved to LFS.
  • Project README updated to reflect new project structure
  • Begin mass refactor of old code #230