30 Days of Christmas


We are happy to announce the release of this year's Christmas Event! We are calling it: 2009scape's 30 Days of Christmas. For the next 30 days, doing anything that gives experience in the game has a chance of rewarding you with a mystery box, which contains a wide assortment of helpful loot and a couple funny jokes.

Event Information

  • Players can collect up to 10 gifts a day
  • The gifts do not need to be opened immediately, they can be stockpiled.
  • Each individual action must be worth 20xp or more for it to trigger the chance at awarding a gift.
  • There is a 5 second cooldown between eligible XP drops to prevent exploiting the reward mechanism Now everyone, go have fun, and happy holidays!

P.S. Make sure to share your loot in #christmas-loot, verified participants will get a special discord role for Christmas 2021!

Mystery Box Rewards

Possible loot from the Christmas Gifts:

IMG Toy Horseys of all varieties
IMG Toy Kite
IMG Molten Glass 25-100
IMG Flax 15-70
IMG Uncut Gems 1-100
IMG Pure Essence 1-50/1000 (Rare)
IMG Ranarr Seeds
IMG Snapdragon Seeds
IMG Gold, Blue, Green and Crimson Charms
IMG Spirit Shards
IMG Purple Sweets
IMG Coins
IMG Nature Runes
IMG Easy, Medium, and Hard clues (Quite Rare)
IMG Chance of rolling the RDT (Quite Rare)
IMG Abyssal Whip (Extremely Rare)
IMG Santa Hat (Extremely Rare)

Patch Notes

Authenticity Improvements

  • Random Event Genie lamps now scale exp correctly
  • Animations for passing through Isafdar Dense Forest added
  • Implement Wire Traps, Leaf Traps, and Stick Traps in Isafdar

Quality of Life Changes

  • Launcher can now toggle snow accents for December

Bug Fixes

  • Quest point cape/hood no longer unequip on login if wearing QP hood
  • Void mace now consumes runes correctly

Backend Improvements

  • Add remote kicking support to the Management Server
    • After manual verification a user can use Zanik to kick themself from the server if they are stuck in a logged in state.