Turning the tables


Winter months normally bring an influx of live server activity and this year has been no exception. A warm welcome to players new and old stopping in to 2009Scape.

Be sure to join our Discord and ask questions in the 2009Scape clan chat in game. Your fellow adventurers of Gielinor are always here to help you on your way.

Drop Table Tool

To improve the accessibility of drop table information a search tool has been made to help. This tool can be used by players to search NPC/Monsters drops or find all sources of specific item and their odds. Hopefully with more direct interaction and transparency with this data we can work together to improve our accuracy to the 2009 era.

2009Scape Drop Table Tool

Tip: This is also a feature of 2009scape bot in our #bot-commands channel.

Patch Notes

Authenticity Improvements

  • Fairy rings emit a sound when teleporting.
  • Void set effects now work more uniformly.
  • Summoning familiars now grant combat xp when attacking
  • Canoe travel interface now animates correctly
  • Spiky Vambraces crafting added

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed how the attack skill cape perk is calculated. It should now have a much more noticeable effect
  • Made broad bolts tradeable and fix their ranged strength
  • Properly track leaf-bladed sword drops in ::stats command
  • Al Kharid Upstairs locations can now be entered exited correctly
  • Random Events can no longer spawn in the wilderness.
  • Fixed Yak Hide Armor crafting level requirements
  • Fixed Typo in Professor Oddenstein's dialogue
  • Removed Halloween decorations