What did that bot say?


A week since our last update and some more content to come. This update is coming a week later since we are adding the Halloween spirit! Check out all the new updates and can't wait to see you online!

You aint ever had a friend like me!

The Genie is back with his old tricks of handing out a lamp when you talk to him. He will be rolled with the Dragon minigame that gives experience books. The genie is less xp than the xp book but it is nice to have yet another authentic random event that has surprise!

Content additions

  • Added a few community favourites, ancient memes, moths, classic RS2 staples, God-specific dialogue, catgifs, and Rick Astley lyrics to the Adventure Bot dialogue pool.
  • Added a few seasonal lines to the New Years, and Christmas dialogue pools for bots.
  • Created a Halloween dialogue pool, that will trigger on Halloween itself, supplied with spooky scary skeletons and frights alike!
  • Grim's Dog, Muncher, is now wandering around his side for the last week.
  • Make use of the next/previous arrows in the interface used for ::stats, tracking all npc kills and tracking drops of items tagged with "rare_item": "true", and displaying a curated subset of them.
  • Added Lava Titan's mining boost
  • Added Ardy Civilians Give 100 Death Runes for a Cat
  • Added sound effects for cleaning herbs.
  • Added Teclyn, the Elven Tool Leprechaun, to the array of Leprechauns that can note your crops
  • Added 1 Garlic ground item spawn on top of a table in a house in Seer's Village, northwest of the bank.
Bug Fixes
  • Add sound effects for scroll, call, summon, point recharge (also ectophial refill sfx).
  • Fix the check for summoning/calling a size > 1 familiar into an enclosed space
  • Fix some combat interactions with multi-square npcs.
  • Cleaned up the loot tables for clue scrolls.
  • No longer wear other items when attempted to wear jewelry.
  • Temporarily change the varrock easy diary to use quest points instead of kudos
  • Removed the completion of that task by stealing tea.
  • Kalphite Guardian attack speed corrected.
  • Kalphite Guardian now properly poisonous, with a poison amount of 6.
  • Kalphite Soldier attack speed corrected.
  • Kalphite Soldier now properly poisonous, with a poison amount of 4.
  • Kalphite Worker attack speed corrected.
  • Dragon drop tables are corrected.
  • Fix decanting 4-dose super {attack, strength, defense} into 2-dose potions.

Time for some examines

  • Pet Shop Sign examine added.
  • Shelves (fishfood) examine added.
  • Dog Baskets (Yanille & Taverly) examine added
  • Collars (Yanille & Taverly) examine added.
  • Bird Cage (Taverly) examine added.
  • Pillow (Yanille & Taverly) examine added.
  • Hay (Yanille & Taverly) examine added.
  • Ball ( Yanille ) examine added.
  • Fish Tank ( Yanille ) examine added.
  • Cat Basket (Yanille ) examine added.
  • Cat on counter ( Yanille ) examine added.
  • Shelves(jars)(Taverly) examine added.
  • Incubator (Yanille & Taverly) examine added.
  • Counter fishfood ( Taverly ) examine added.
  • Pet Shop Owner ( Yanille ) examine added.
  • Corrected Grim Reaper examine.