Adding to the Legacy


Jumping back into the Timeline of 2009scape again with some new changes from the last time I had posted. The last real post was deciding if we were working towards having a completely wiped or not wiped World 2. Well, the votes were very close but the community had decided to have no wipe whatsoever! Fantastic news for some. With rares and other items floating around again the world will feel more full again. I would go on with my own words to explain our decisions but since not everyone is on our discord channel and most wait for a website update I thought I would share the Announcement here.

As for a general status update to the state of the project - here's how it is, plain and simple. My life has gotten a lot busier recently. I no longer have the time to dedicate to working on 2.0 and getting it up and going as fast as I would have liked. It will still be worked on, but with much less focus than before. Instead, I'm going to shift more of my spare time back over to maintaining and improving the legacy codebase as that has a more immediate positive effect on our community.

As for World 1, we would recommend not playing on it at all in the days moving forward and it will likely be removed from the launcher/replaced with world 2 for the time being. When world 1 re-emerges, it will be in the form of 2.009 with full authentic content.

As for World 2, we have decided that we are going to take a new and unique approach to it. World 2 will continue running the legacy codebase even after the 2.0 launch, that way new improvements and bugfixes to the legacy codebase will not go to waste.

In summary, 2.0 is going to take longer than expected. World 1 should now be considered disabled until further notice, but when it relaunches it WILL be running 2.0. World 2 will continue running the legacy codebase for the entire forseeable future.

Thank you all, I appreciate you all.
With this being said we have done just that. The entirity of World 2 is now Open source and worked on again by our development team. Make sure you check out our Community Page in order to see what you need to do in order to get the role of contributor.

Like I said we are working now on the base and do we have some Updates for you!

Content Additions
  • Added x1xp rate
  • Can now fletch mahogany stocks.
  • Added NPC who sells fighter torso for 7.5M - Captain Cain
  • Witchaven and Witchaven Dungeon now populated with all NPCs that should be there before starting and finishing any Witchaven-related Quests (Sea Slug, Slug Menace, Kennith's Concerns)
  • Added four chicken spawns near Witchaven and Ardougne.
  • Added examines to Witchaven NPCs
  • Added all monster NPC spawns inside Witchaven Dungeon (Ogre, Hobgoblin, Hellhound)
  • Added Fremennik Fishmonger
  • Added Rellekka Longhall Bar
  • Sigmund the Merchant
  • Hieronymous Avlafrim's (Gnomecopter Tours gnome) Gnomic Supplies shops
  • All capes sold at Barker's Haberdashery are now correctly marked as tradeable and not destroyable
  • Canifis robes are now tradeable
  • Brawlers are now balanced to only drop from revs at a 1/100 chance and a 1/75 chance from Chaos Elementals
  • Chests in the rogue's castle thievable.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ring of forging, it will now lose charges and disintegrate when out.
  • Fixed Halgrive giving the sheep poison too early.
  • Adjusted yew shortbow's fletching xp from 50 to 67.5
  • No longer possible to obtain a magic carpet, and existing ones will be automatically deleted
  • Fixed silver crafting
  • General Graardor stat adjustment
  • Monk Robes/Polished buttons tradeable
  • Monk of Zamorak fixes (anims, attack style, projectile, stat adjustment)
  • Authentically adjusted the drop rates for dragon platelegs and plateskirts
  • Rebalanced the skeletal wyvern drop table
  • Better balanced the item drops for revenants in the wilderness
  • Revised Abyssal Demon DT
  • Updated Tormented Demon DT
  • TzHaar-Ket DT Revision
  • Updated TzHaar-Xil DT
  • Player script fixes, and bankAll scriptAPI function added
  • Hobgoblin full stat adjustment
  • Ogre full stat adjustment
  • Updated Green Dragon Drop Table
  • Big Wizard hats given stat bonuses of standard wizard hat
  • RSHD Dark Wizard now spawns instead of the 2006 Dark Wizard with fixes( anims, attack style, projectile, stat adjustment )
  • Updated Black Dragon Drop Table
  • Updated Steel Dragon Drop Table
  • Updated Iron Dragon Drop Table
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow more items than the player has to be sold in exchange for tokkul
  • Construction is fixed and once again doable (NOTE: Known issues (aside from unimplemented content) - Chapel musical hotspot does not save between build sessions for some reason (will look into it later)
Source Improvements
  • Converted some old content to the ContentAPI.
  • New API method for logout listeners.
  • Replaced old plugin stuff with new interaction listener stuff - Handle Shop Option