Archived Post -The Hault On Updates


So, it's been quite a bit since I've made a post on this website, I'd sit back and relax since this a tad bit long read. I believe a few people are a tad bit concerned about what the progress is looking like for 2009scape and some people just have not been informed by not being part of the general conversations of discord or not being on discord at all.

The What

2009scape has come to a hold and this isn't because of lack of development but because it's breaking with each update since the project is rotten from it's core. There would just be too much work in order to fix the thousands upon thousands of bugs that present for the current 2009scape. So, the staff of 2009scape have decided instead taking the time to try and fix something that is broken at it's core why not rewrite it's core. The server developers are working on version 2.009.

The Why

To give some History of why the core is breaking would be helpful since nothing on this site states what this project is based upon. 2009scape is based of an old project called Arios530 which was a 2009 revision that had chunks of OSRS inside of it. The project fell apart once a developer named Vexia tried to screw them all over. In 2019, Red Bracket found the project and uploaded it on GitHub. The project was a side section of 2006rebotted which was a 2006 revision that was focused on testing different bots and in March of 2020, they created their own discord for the project. Slowly removing the old cache that was not a pure 530, now having a pure 2009 cache and map. All OSRS content was booted from server and we became 2009scape. As months passed the Lead Developer, Ceikry realized that the more he fixed the more of the core he started to break so they decided on the rewrite.

The When

There is no set date on when 2.009 will be released and no set date on when a beta will be ready for a set amount of discord members. I can say that in order to request to be part of beta you will need to be part of discord. Do note that if you aren't chosen for beta it's okay, we are selecting members we believe that can soley find bugs and have the time to do so. After the beta has been ran obviously a release will happen but like I said no said date on either.

Will my account transfer??

Yes! your account will transfer and you can even keep your stats. However, with once 2.009 is released it will be updated with free to play content only at first. Then member content will be added chronologically. With this being said this will mean that all member items will be wiped on transfer so you will need to find a way to sell these items beforehand. It gives an unfair advantage to have items that are not in the game when it comes to new players that will not be able to obtain them at all. Also the issue where back in early days when osrs content still existed mystery boxes dropped rare clue items that should have never been given. A clean start of any members items but you will keep all f2p items. We will give several warnings on website and discord. On website I will post when beta is approaching, when beta has launched and when beta is over and release. On discord we will announce a week before release to high alch any items that are members. A good way to get your money without needing to alch is the general store in the wilderness buys for high alch price.

Should I still play or should I wait?

This is up to you entirely, like I said stats will be transferred so if you plan on getting some stats up no one is stopping you. This server will stay up until the release of 2.009. I would suggest not to quest or hunt for members items that you would be concerned to lose. Unless the game breaks, bugs will not be fixed because this is pointless when the rewrite has taken place. If you choose to wait I'd highly suggest to join the discord or check every now and then on website to see if beta has been launched.

Website Rework

This website is a cluster with tons of useless information since the website came from a rip of a 2010 website. The file system was a mess and it was quite hard to keep a clean way of adding content. I'd like to introduce, Michael, our newest Website developer. Michael, Bracket, and I have all been discussing what to do with the website and how we want things for 2.009. We have big plans to make the website more informative and a lot more polished. We have talks about adding more functionality to the website. Edit : Summer Remade the website.

Discord Changes

A community member just joined the ranks of staff of being our Discord Editor. Cazrep, is working on organizing the sections to create a cleaner appearance to view information while the website will be used to store information the discord needed a clean up to make things easier for newcomers to read and create a more aesthetically pleasing look to it. Look for more updates about this on discord, I just wanted to give a shoutout to our new staff member.

Live server help

We get the frustration of having to use a platform like Discord where some of us are extremely against the company as is. We have extended the bridge out to Matrix which is an open source federated chat service in which you can use without discord breathing down your neck. As we open this we want to make this very clear. We will not login to troubleshoot the server for you because you don't "feel" like using either of these chat services. I understand completely for the discord ethical reasoning but laziness isn't tolerated. Spend hundreds and even over a thousand hours on this project so expecting people to do this for us. We are volunteer staff and can not "login" throughout the day to answer questions. We can use these services. Matrix and Discord are connected by messages but not service. So from the comfort of matrix you can talk with people in discord.

The link for our Matrix community: Click here
Check out this link for a discord like client that doesn't eat up your Ram or tell you what to do : Click here