Archived Post -A Magical Sweep

A late post on my part sorry guys but I wanted to make sure there was another place for our updates to go rather than just keeping them on Discord. With everything going on from the U.S government trying to "outlaw" crypto to fight against a popular website Odysee a website using the lbry core and Microsoft attempting to buy discord may cause some tension for us using Discord (Myself included ) I will try to make the update posts on time! Last time we just had way to many patches that we had to make so we couldn't get a proper page going for it.
Content Additions

The addition this time around is the start to a magic system so another core update vs the old system we had that was a tad wonky. We'll see more than this over time obviously but here is the start!

A few more things have been added as well check them out in this list!
  • Magic has started a transition to a new system which will bring more flexibility with fixing + improving magic.
  • Alchemy spell moved to new system and separated out from handling for Mage Training Arena alchemy
  • Bones to Bananas and Bones to Peaches tablets now function (Can use B2P tablet without unlocking the spell)
  • Superheat Ore can no longer take the runes if you don't have enough ore to make a bar, and now chooses a steel bar if you have more than 2 coal and some iron in your inventory, and have the level requirement to make steel bars.
  • The home teleport spell has been re-implemented

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug in Duke Horacio's Lost Tribe dialogue.
  • Fight caves should now register as a proper safe death for HCIM
  • Can no longer run multiple glassmaking tasks simultaneously
  • "Fixed" the rune thrownaxe special for DK entrance. It's pretty scuffed tbh. but it'll work until combat is redone
  • Pickaxe head flying off random removed. Fixes #990
  • Can now cook sweetcorn and basic potato. Fixes #987
  • Edible seaweed is now edible. Fixes #979
  • Soda Ash and Sinew should now be producible.
  • Earth Warrior stats have been corrected
  • Fruit tree seedlings should now turn into the correct saplings
  • Jobs in lumbridge have been improved with the option to check your job progress at any time.
  • Fixed a bug with King Roald's AFU completion dialogue
  • All Explorer's Rings now have a prayer bonus of 1 and no longer have their +1 range strength bonus
  • Mogres now drop flippers & mudskipper hat
  • Fixed an issue with the level check for the Tree Gnome Stronghold -> Barb Assault shortcut
  • A seed dibber is now required to plant seeds, and a spade is now required to plant saplings.
  • Using ctrl-click to run now functions properly
  • Selling multiple items in the tokkul shop now calculates amount of tokkul correctly