Archived Post -Rolling the credits


It's inching closer to the end of March and we just had three big updates back to back and now we have another one! Exciting news on this part is this update is an update that was planned out accordingly and has a beautiful new addition to our 2009scape. So, let me not talk up a storm this isn't discord after all this is our website.

Content Additions

The time is here, our credit wallets are completely full and some of us got our streaks for voting and some got our new Hall of fame titles. If only there was a shop to where we could spend these beautiful credits? oh wait.. A shop you say? Look not further! we have a brand new shop with new ways of earning credits! Last update I went into a few details of what was added inside our Random events; however, our credit system is so big that I needed to write an entire other page explaining how to get them! Check this out HERE.

A few more things have been added as well check them out in this list!
  • Charter Ships now sell infinite seaweed and buckets of sand
  • Charter Ships now sell infinite pineapples
  • Ore shop in keldagrim now sells 1500 of each ore
  • Readded Port Khazard general store.
  • Added 2 2009scape-exclusive easter eggs. Who will figure them out first?
  • Made Jatix's stock infinite
  • Expanded adventure bots dialogue and skilling capabilities greatly.
  • The hat says it all

Bug Fixes:
  • Redid the Brimhaven dungeon into the new system.
  • Redid option handling for shooting stars into the new system
  • Corrected the HAM member loot tables and added in the easy clue scroll reward
  • Readded buttons to HAM member loot tables
  • Converted NPC drop tables over to a new internal system (JSON format unaffected)
  • Zones properly flagged with the RANDOM_EVENT ZoneRestriction should now prevent random event spawns
  • Fixed barbarian fishing xp rewards
  • You can no longer move away while planting seeds.
  • Fruit tree seedlings can now be watered
  • Fixed the following Playerbot scripts: VarrockEssenceMiner, SharkCatcher, SeersMagicTrees, LobsterCatcher, CoalMiner, DraynorWillows
  • Fixed an unhandled section of the Shantay Pass gate.
  • Drop rate for Abyssal Whip is now 1/500 (roughly) instead of 1/1000
  • Goblins no longer drop colored goblin mail
  • Kalphite Queen now drops noted sharks instead of unnoted sharks
  • Added missing droptable for Druids
  • Corrected Gunthor the Brave's droptable
  • Fixed the Godwars entrance and Saradomin entrances. If you have stuck/broken GWD ropes do ::resetgwdropes ingame.
  • Operating an equipped item now cancels any running pulses
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth now counts as a lesser demon for slayer tasks.
  • Should now be able to pick up wines of zamorak when it drops as loot.
  • Potato with Cheese now heals for 16 HP
  • You can now decant unnoted potions at any NPC with a decant option
  • Fixed Mistag's dialogue, if Mistag isn't responding to the bow, do ::resetmistag ingame.
  • Hops now require 4 hops seeds, with the exception of Jute which requires 3.
  • Corrected rockslug droptable
  • Blurite bolts can now be fired from all crossbows above bronze.
  • Changed a karamja lobster spot to be a shrimp spot.
  • Lower level shilo gem rocks are now able to be mined.

Website/Discord Updates:

We had a close call this week with our votes. But the votes are in and I'm happy new announce the streak winners for Mar 15 - Mar 21 is Daniella, Joep, Pebol, Ryannathans, & Slow!

I would love to congratulate S on x20 rate for 99 Hunter, Thieving, Fishing, Ranged and Magic.
I would love to congratulate Unrealhaze on his x20 RealHaze account for Attack and Hp & his other x20 Unrealhaze for 99 woodcutting.
I would love to congratulate Bowdi on x20 account achieving the fire cape by defeating Jad!
Cave goblins like shiny gems