Archived Post -Random Events


Yet another amazing update that is coming from our Lead Developer . In this week's addition of content creation and patch notes we have a special surprise that many did not know they wanted but for sure need! This week we are taking a look at a new random event system, a better thieving system and other patches that make our game one step closer to our dream goal of a remake.

Content Additions
  • Reworked random event system:
    • Hostile random events no longer exist.
    • Corrected Sandwich Lady event (Rewards various foods) & are able to talk to her.
    • Added Certer event (Can reward gems, key halves, spinach rolls, kebabs, etc)
    • Added drill demon event (Rewards camo set and then 500 gp once player completes the camo set.)
    • Added Surprise Exam! event (Rewards Book of Knowledge, which grants (15 * level) experience in a skill of your choice, experience rate settings *do apply*)

Bug Fixes:
  • Added nearly-perfect pickpocketing with perfect success rates.
  • Woodcutting rates have all been corrected to perfect authentic rates.
  • Corrected cooking burn rates
  • Fixed a small bug with Duke Horacio's dialogue
  • Crossbows now use crossbow string rather than sinew to fletch.
  • Lady of the Lake dialogue should no longer hang.
  • You are now able to talk to the kid in waterfall quest to continue the quest.
  • Fixed a bug with the hat flag on female player models
  • Hat flags now take into account whether or not the player is normally bald.
  • Fixed world events (shooting stars/ penguins)
  • Fixed superheat spell
  • Fixed a bug with skulling players and entering the abyss.
  • Players can now plant fruit tree seeds in plant pots

Website/Discord Updates:

  • Our Player, S , is the first x20 regular player to achieve 99 fletching!
  • Every page now has the 2009 Runescape Theme.
  • Our vote streak goes for March 8th - March 14th goes to: Daniella, Death, Pebol, Ryannathans, S, & Slow.
  • Added a new quest guide for Wolf Whistle